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Remote/Distance Instruction at UC San Diego

The UC San Diego Academic Senate defines “remote/distance instruction” as a course where the full class meets for less than one hour per week for instruction (see full policy). Such a course will employ synchronous (real time such as chat) or asynchronous (staggered response, such as occurs when using a discussion forum or email) meetings. Informally, hybrid courses are those where the class meets face-to-face (F2F) more than one hour per week where some class time is replaced by synchronous and asynchronous interaction. These resources are aimed at faculty interested in both remote instruction and hybrid courses.

Do I Want to Teach Online?

  1. Current list of remote/distance courses at UC San Diego.
  2. Many find that the teaching tasks associated with F2F vs. remote/distance courses are different. For more information, see Differences with Online Instruction.

RI Basics

  1. UC San Diego Policy: CEP Policy on Remote and Distance Instruction (PDF)
  2. Proposing an Remote/Distance Course Contact your department to assist you in the eCourse Approval Process. For these courses, you must include additional information.
  3. Before You Teach Checklist.