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ACMS Units

If you have a question about ACMS's services units, email or call the ACMS Help Desk at acms-help@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-2267.

AV Design & Engineering (Recharge)

Audiovisual Design & Engineering provides turnkey solutions for your audiovisual needs including:

  • Planning:
    • Needs assessment
    • Specification development
    • Budget estimation 
  • Design:
    • Building infrastructure design
    • Audiovisual system design
    • Bid specifications 
  • Installation & Service:
    • System installation
    • System commissioning
    • System repair & servicing
    • System upgrades
    • Event support
    • User training
    • Instruction manuals
    • Help Desk support 
  • Management of third-party vendors:
    • Bid management
    • Construction management
    • Electrical coordination
    • IT coordination
    • Quality assurance testing

Project Manager
Fred Marques
(858) 534-4331

Audiovisual Design & Engineering

Business Office

ACMS unit support services:

  • Human resources
  • Financial
  • Space planning
  • Purchasing
  • Travel
  • Payroll

The Business Office also provides executive support to the Director as well as guidance and assistance to the Assistant Directors.

Business Officer
Tina Rynard
(858) 534-4532

HR and Fiscal Analyst
Elizabeth Wei
(858) 822-2691

Executive Assistant
Eva Friedlander
(858) 534-4050

Campus Software Distribution

UC San Diego-licensed software management and distribution services for department, faculty, staff, and student use. Limited departmental technical support.

(858) 534-7018

Software Distribution

Classroom Technology Support

  • Classroom and lecture hall instructional technology support:
    • Media stations
    • Projectors
    • Document cameras
  • Facutly support for instructional tool (clicker) integration and use

(858) 534-5784

Classroom Technology Support

Computer Room & Lab Operations

ACMS computer room and management of 104 computer labs across campus:

  • security
  • backups
  • inventory
  • equipment installation
  • peripherals supply and maintenance

(858) 534-4097

Computing Infrastructure

Support for a wide range of resources for ACMS and the UC San Diego campus, including:

  • Operating system and instructional applications software installation and management across a range of disciplines on applications servers in AP&M computer room, on 1900 workstations in 104 computer labs across campus, and for the Go Virtual virtual computing facility offering remote access to applications software packages
  • File storage provisioning and management
  • Student messaging (ACMS Webmail)
  • Learning management system (Ted/Blackboard) infrastructure
  • Podcasting infrastructure
  • Creation and maintenance of student Active Directory accounts
  • Individual student and student organization web server provisioning
  • Student and recharge printing and large format plotting
  • Remote file access
  • Data backups
  • UNIX/Linux/Windows server administration (server virtualization, operating system installation,patches and maintenance)
  • Network switch configuration
  • Network and system security
  • Account management databases and tools
  • Identity management systems and tools
  • Usage data logging and analysis

(858) 534-4060

Desktop Support

Recharge, on-site software installation and system administration services

(858) 822-0047

Desktop Support

Director's Office

Jeff Henry is the Director of ACMS.

(858) 534-4050


Facilities management for ACMS offices and computer labs

  • Facility construction and repair coordination
  • Asset and key management
  • AP&M building and ACMS department access control systems
  • Departmental safety and security coordination
  • Emergency planning safety coordination
  • Safety training coordination

Debbie Mowry-Emison
(858) 534-6878

Hardware Technical Support

  • Computer repair and upgrades
  • Network design
  • Installation
  • Troubleshooting


Help Desk and ResNet

Primary support contact for:

  • Student email
  • Network and ACMS application logins
  • Residential housing network registration and connection issues-Residential Networking group (ResNet)
  • Help Desk-student help with virus removal and wireless troubleshooting

Walk Up Help Desk
AP&M Building, room 1313

(858) 534-2267 (534-ACMS)

ACMS Help Desk

Residential Networking (ResNet)

Instructional Technology Integration

Technology Integration at ACMS collaborates with faculty to bring technological tools into the classroom at UC San Diego.

Key ways in which we do this are:

  • Faculty partnerships to explore instructional needs
  • Identify technological solutions
  • Online education video production solutions
  • Clicker support and training

Don Olliff 
(858) 822-1456

Craig Bentley
(858) 534-4120

Instructional Technology Support

In-depth group and individual training for a variety of online classroom services:

Faculty consultations on new instructional technology tools and best practices for effective use

(858) 822-3315

Instructional Technology Support (ITS)

Instructional User Services

Support for users of instructional services:

(858) 534-2448

Marketing & Communications

Creation and delivery of ACMS and campus-wide communications and communications media:

  • Education and educational technology news
  • Products and services promotion
  • Instructional and promotional video production

General Contact


Michael Sullivan
(858) 822-6720

Web and Graphic Designer
Elaine Fleming
(858) 534-4619

Video Producer/Director
Alvin Angeles
(858) 246-0097

Media Event Support (Recharge)

Fee-based audiovisual support services (campus index/recharge):

  • Video production and editing
  • Sound reinforcement for special events
  • AV equipment rental

mediaservices@ucsd.edu(858) 534-8265

Media Event Support

Media Teaching Lab

Provides outstanding facilities, equipment, and technical assistance for undergraduates enrolled in media production classes and graduate students using media in their research:

  • Video and film creation
  • Sound
  • Editing
  • Cinematography

(858) 534-1175

Media Teaching Lab