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Technology Accessibility

Remote Real-Time Captioning

Remote real-time captioning is used when on site captioning is not available. Upon request from the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), Classroom Technology Support coordinates with faculty members to ensure the necessary equipment is delivered to the classroom.

Closed-Captioning in the Classroom

Closed-caption decoders can be installed in classrooms upon request from instructors. Decoders provide closed-captioning for DVDs and VHS tapes played through classroom players. The decoder can be provided for a single class period or an entire quarter.

Captioning Services

Information about vendors who provide captioning for videos, DVDs, podcasts, and internet streaming can be provided by Classroom Technical Support. Cost varies depending on the program length, media format, and delivery schedule.

Assisted Listening

Contact Classroom Support at classroom-support@ucsd.edu for more information about assisted listening and other classroom media accessibility options.

Contact Classroom Technical Support, (858) 534-5784, with questions or for assistance.

Classroom Technology Support