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Setup and Use of i>clicker

i>clicker start up, training, student orders, course planning, and TritonEd integration at UC San Diego

Visit the i>clicker website for product information

Preparing To Use Clickers

Request an i>clicker Instructor Kit and receive basic technical training

Contact ETS
email: clickers@ucsd.edu
phone: (858) 822-1456

Download i>clicker Software

Download the i>clicker software supported at UC San Diego.

Order clickers for your students to purchase

Contact Leslie Verfaillie, Course Materials Buyer, UC San Diego Bookstore
email: lverfaillie@ucsd.edu
voice: 858-534-6393
fax: 858-822-0261

Faculty Clicker Orders: 
In order to assure that clickers and books are on the shelves for the first day of class, instructors must to place an order with the UC San Diego Bookstore no later than 1 to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter. Same day requests can be accomodated, depending on stock at hand. 

Student Clicker Purchase:
Clickers are available adjacent to the textbook info counter.

Clicker Sell-Back: 
Students may sell their used clicker back to the Bookstore if that clicker will be used the following quarter and if the Bookstore needs extra devices.

Syllabus Suggestions

We suggest that you put clear instructions in your syllabus about a deadline for registering their clickers and an explanation of how to do this.  

Registration Note:
Specify in your syllabus at which location you want your students to register their clicker:

  • If you are using TritonEd, instruct students to register their clicker in TritonEd.  
  • If you are not using TritonEd, instruct students to register their clicker on the iclicker.com website.

For more information about how to integrate i>clicker with TritonEd, read these instructions.

In the Classroom

On the first day of class, we suggest that you explain why and how you will be using clickers in the course.  

Reinforce that students must register their clickers: 

UC San Diego's Center for Teaching Development (CTD) provides pedagogical help with clickers, and can sometimes provide clicker-trained TAs to assist with your first classes.

If no TA is available, an ACMS technician can attend the first portion of your first class to assist with questions. Request an ACMS technician at clickers@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-4120.

Following Up

TritonEd Users

ACMS has developed instructions for using i>clicker with TritonEd.

All students must register clickers in TritonEd to use i>clicker with TritonEd.

Faculty Not Using TritonEd

Use the class list conversion tool on your downloaded class list to create the roster.txt file needed for i>clicker.

More Information

Visit our FAQ page page for other common questions about i>clicker.