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Using i>clicker® with Ted

Integrating i>clicker® with your Ted space provides three advantages:

  1. Easier roster acquisition
  2. Easier, more accurate student clicker registration
  3. Easier, more secure student scores

To obtain an Instructor's Kit containing a base station, an instructor remote, and a student remote, or for information about how to use clickers in the classroom, contact Craig Bentley, cmbentley@ucsd.edu, or (858) 534-4120.

You can begin polling your class as soon as you complete Step 1. Step 2 will reduce student questions about registering their clicker. Steps 3-5 are not necessary until you want to export student data and upload it to Ted.

Step 1: Get the i>clicker Software

Note: If you installed i>clicker before summer of 2013, you need to install the new integration files by clicking the Integration Files Only tab below. 

Download i>clicker with UC San Diego's Ted Integration Files

If you have not yet used i>clicker in your class to record responses, download the i>clicker software with UC San Diego's Ted Integration files already included, and set aside any other copy you might have. Otherwise, download and install the files from the Integration Files Only tab.

Download and Install UC San Diego's Ted Integration Files

Add these files to your i>clicker software to enable it to connect to Ted. Download the correct files for your computer:

  1. Download the Mac Integration Files
  2. Double click the file you downloaded (UCSD-iClickers-Mac-Ted-2013.zip) to extract the files. This will create a folder named UCSD-iClickers-Mac-Ted.
  3. Find the folder where the i>clicker program files are located. There you will see a folder named Resources. Copy the three files in UCSD-iClickers-Mac-Ted to the Resources Folder
  1. Download the Windows Integration Files
  2. Right click the file you downloaded (UCSD-iClickers-PC-Ted-2013.zip) and select Extract All to extract the files. This will create a folder named UCSD-iClickers-PC-Ted.
  3. Find the folder where the i>clicker program files are located. There you will see a folder named Resources. Copy the four files in UCSD-iClickers-PC-Ted to the Resources Folder

When done, run WebUpdate in your i>clicker folder, to ensure that you have the most recent version of the software.

Step 2: Create the Registration Link in Ted

By default, classes in Ted have a Tools link in the course menu. Students may register their clicker by clicking that link, and then Register Your i>clicker Remote ID.

You may also modify the course menu to add a direct link to the i>clicker registration page:

  • Click the Add Menu Item button "Plus" button and select Create Course Link
  • Click the Browse button
  • In the Tools section, click i>clicker (it's near the bottom of the list).
  • Enter "Register your i>clicker" (or something similar) in the Name box - that is what will show up in the menu.
  • Put a checkmark next to Available to Users, and click Submit.

The menu will reload, and you should see your direct link.

Step 3: Set your class to use Ted Integration

  1. Open the i>clicker application, select your course, and click Choose.
  2. Click My Settings in the lower-right corner of the i>clicker application.
  3. Select the LMS/Reg tab. Under Learning Managemtn System, select Blackboard, then select Version 8 (and above).
  4. Click Set For Course at the bottom of the window, and close the i>clicker program.

Step 4: Download the class roster

Open the i>grader application and choose your class. The first time you do, it will warn you Blackboard Roster not found and ask if you would like to download the roster. Click Download Roster, and skip the first three steps below.

  1. Open the i>grader application, select your course, and click Open i>grader.
  2. In the bottom-right corner of the window, click Sync....
  3. The first time you click Sync..., you will see a message asking if you would like to Confirm Roster Sync Option, and describing the process. Click Yes.
  4. i>grader will ask you to Log in to your Course Management System. Use the same username as in Ted. 

    To get the Security Key, in Ted, from any class:

    1. Open your class in Ted
    2. Go to the Control Panel's Course Tools section
    3. Click the i>clicker Instructor Tools link (it will be the last tool listed)
    4. Click SSO Security Key. 

      It will display your i>clicker key in a box that you can copy/paste into i>grader. This helps ensure that if your laptop is stolen or compromised, your campus-wide password will not be disclosed.
    Once you have pasted the key into i>grader, click Log in.
  5. The courses you teach in Ted will be listed in a drop-down menu. Be sure to choose the relevant class, and click Import.

i>grader should then inform you that you have successfully downloaded your roster. Click Exit and then quit and restart i>grader to view the students and clicker registrations you imported.

Any updates to the roster and registered clickers will not be visible until you quit i>grader and re-open it. (Note that the 'Restart i>Grader' button is a prompt for you to do so yourself.) 

After downloading your roster, you should sync the class roster periodically, so that dropped students are removed from the student list and students who register their clickers late can be credited for their responses.

Step 5: Upload scores

ACMS recommends periodically uploading student scores to Ted. This will help alert students if there is some problem with their clicker registration or performance.

When you upload your scores to Ted, it will create a new grade column for each session that you see in i>grader.

  1. Export your i>clicker scores to a spreadsheet:
    1. Open i>grader and select your class
    2. Click the Export button.
    3. i>grader will ask you which sessions to export. Click the Select All button, and click Export.
    4. i>grader will confirm that the grades were exported, and ask if you would like to "Upload your campus score data now?" Click Yes.
    5. i>grader will then try to connect to Ted to upload your exported grades:
      1. Enter your Ted username and password, and click Login
      2. Select your course
      3. Click Export