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Student Feedback

Ella Tour, instructor of BIMM110: Molecular Basis of Human Disease, used online lectures as part of her first teaching experience in Fall 2013. At the end of the quarter, her students were given the following question in an online survey:

“The online lectures were a pilot project. Any suggestions or comments about these lectures? Would you recommend using them more or less frequently?”

Student response was overwhelmingly positive:

Response Type Number of responses % of respondents (115) % of total class enrollment (197)
Positive 94 81.7% 47.7%
Neutral 4 3.5% 2.0%
Negative 17 14.8% 8.6%

Response Highlights

“The online lectures were downright awesome, and I have talked to many students that felt that there should have been more of them [with whom] I agree.”

“Online lectures provided a more comfortably pace resource of learning. It allows me to pause, write down important notes, and continue at my learning speed and it should be used more frequently.”

“I liked the online lectures. I often supplement the podcasted lectures with the real lecture because I like the idea of replaying and reviewing specific parts of the lecture. The online lectures also helped me learn at my own pace.”

“I like the ability to watch lectures at home and pause them to take notes. I often listen to the course podcasts for this reason, but the online lectures were nice because of their concise nature.”

Find full responses from students in this spreadsheet (Excel).

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