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Flipped, Hybrid, and Online Courses

With a suite of resources to help faculty create online content, ACMS is prepared to create course content that can be delivered in conjunction with classroom time as part of flipped or hybrid courses, as well as content for fully online courses.

Instructional Design

Moving a course from the traditional classroom to a flipped, hybrid, or online format presents many challenges. Our instructional designers are intimately familiar with the common hurdles facing online course creators and students. They can ease the process of transitioning an existing course to any online format.

Professional Video Production

For videos that need to make an impact, ACMS offers a complete video production solution:

Script Writing

Our professional script writing and consultation help keep the content concise and ensure viewer engagement

Video Studio

Faculty record online content in our campus studio, which features:

          • A teleprompter for easier use of pre-written scripts
          • A tablet for slide annotation or image interaction to add an extra level of audience engagement.
          • Professional lighting and sound treatments to create the best looking and sounding video possible.
          • Filming by ACMS video specialists who know how to properly frame shots, allowing faculty to focus on their material rather than on the production.

Editing Services

ACMS offers expert editing to create a seamless, professional quality product.

The Learning Glass

The innovative Learning Glass technique can be used to create engaging course videos. The instructor writes on a transparent surface with markers, as if writing on a whiteboard, while looking through the glass into the camera. The illusion of eye contact engages the student with the material being presented.

Learning Glass videos are produced to the same high standards as all of ACMS's video course content.

Screen & Voice Capture

Videos that capture the presenter's voice and computer screen can be produced using Camtasia. Camtasia is also a good option for faculty who want to record their own videos. Training is available.

Ted Integration

ACMS will upload and integrate course videos into Ted, UC San Diego's learning management system.


For more information about ACMS video or other classroom services, contact the instructional technology services teams at InstructionalTech@ucsd.edu, or use your UC San Diego email username and password to submit a request form.