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The Learning Glass

Originally called the Transparent Whiteboard*, the Learning Glass allows faculty to perform work traditionally done on a whiteboard or blackboard using teaching skills they are familiar with while facing a camera. The playback lets students see their professors using the board as they do in class, making notes and solving problems in real time.

Why Use the Learning Glass?

Research has shown that student engagement is higher when tools tailored to online education are used to create instructional videos, and that content created with the principles of online education in mind had higher student engagement than traditional lectures.

Professor Joel Watson of the Department of Economics was the first to create educational content using the Learning Glass at UC San Diego. “The Learning Glass makes it easy for faculty to transition from teaching with a standard blackboard to videotaping at high quality,” Professor Watson said.

See the Learning Glass in action:

Learning Glass Development

* The Transparent White Board technology was created by Professor Matt Anderson of San Diego State University (SDSU) in conjunction with SDSU Instructional Technology Services. Learn how they use the Learning Glass on their website.

Don Olliff of ETS at UC San Diego constructed and implemented the Transparent Whiteboard for UC San Diego, using the name created by ETS's Craig Bentley, "Learning Glass."

More Information

For more information about the Learning Glass and online education, contact Multimedia Services at multimedia@ucsd.edu or at (858) 534-4120.

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