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Instructional Tools and Services for Faculty

Course Tools:  ACMS provides tools, services and facilities to help manage and/or enhance your courses using technology.

Instructional Technology Tools include:


To use any of these services, you must first submit a Cinfo request. Once you have submitted a Cinfo request, you may also make lab reservations by sending an email to acms-consult@ucsd.edu.

ACMS provides many services for faculty and students. These include:

Faculty and Student Accounts

  • Accounts for instructors and TAs: Instructional User Services can set up accounts in advance so instructors and TAs can try out software and develop assignments before the quarter begins. Arrangements can be made to keep the instructor's account and files online from year to year if the instructor continues to teach the same course.
  • Accounts and resources for students: All undergraduate students and most graduate students receive ACMS Lab access, email service, and Active Directory credentials from ACMS. Students receive additional access to systems and resources (disk space, after hours lab code, etc.) if they are enrolled in a course for which the instructor has arranged ACMS support. Concurrent (Extension) enrollment students can self-register for an ACMS computing account. Information for services specific to your account can be found at the Account Lookup tool.

Instructional Technology Support

  • Assistance for Instructors Using ACMS Tools and Facilities: ACMS Staff are available to assist instructors and TAs with the use of Instructional Tools (Ted, i>Clicker, etc.) and ACMS facilities including ACMS supported labs and the majority of campus classrooms.