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Copyright Education Initiatives

Below are copyright education initiatives established to provide copyright information and educational resources to the UCSD campus community.

We're continuing to work on new media to educate UC San Diego about file sharing, but do check out campaign posters from previous years! Click on the images below for a bigger view.

Lie 1: Time doesn't matter Lie 2: Good intentions don't matter Lie 3: First timers get sued Lie 4: Ignorance is no excuse for the law Lie 5: You are not anonymous Lie 6: Even once is illegalLie 7: Downloading from overseas is still illegal

Newspaper Ad

This advertisement ran in the Guardian. Click on the image for a bigger view.

Consider the potential legal expenses of getting sued

Copyright Violation videos from UCLA

UCLA* has also developed media that explains the consequences and myths of file sharing. The first video was created by Dan, a resident advisor at UCLA, after receiving a copyright violation.

*Created by University of California, Los Angeles