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File Sharing at UC San Diego 

Know the Facts!

UC San Diego is on your side. Our goal is to provide students, faculty, staff, residents, and guests of the University with a safe, open, and accessible network that respects individual privacy. As part of that goal, we strive to educate users of our network about safe online habits, including avoiding the consequences of illegal file sharing. 

UC San Diego never monitors the content of your network traffic to find copyrighted material, and only respondes when we receive notification of infringement from outside agencies. However, as a University entity, we take copyright protection very seriously and are legally obligated to comply with federal laws that govern copyright.

Why Should You Care?

Illegally downloading and/or sharing copyrighted material has potentially serious legal ramifications for those who violate the law. Universities are frequently targeted by copyright holders who are continually searching for cases of illegal online file sharing. This results in a higher likelihood of users on our network being caught if they choose to illegally share files.

Read on to find answers to common questions about file sharing, copyright law, and University policies and procedures.