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Selected References Related to ETS Acceptable Use Policies

Revised: December 15, 2004

UC Electronic Communications Policy 
(issued November 17, 2000)


UC Copyright Education Site 
(issued October 16, 2003)


UCSD Electronic Communications Procedures and Practices 
(issued December 1, 2004)


These are the UCSD Electronic Communications Procedures and Practices mandated by the UC Electronic Communications Policy (above) and supercede the previous policies adopted by UCSD concerning its subject matter, including PPM 135-5, UCSD Electronic Mail Procedures and Practice, and PPM 135-6, UCSD Web Policy, Procedures, and Practices.

UCSD ResNet Acceptable Use Policy


United States Copyright Office

The U.S. Copyright Office offers information about many facets of copyright law including: news, copyright basics, frequently asked questions, Digital Millenium Copyright Act Summary, current and pendining legislation.

University of Texas Copyright Crash Course

The Crash Course is an informative tutorial about copyright and "fair use" issues.

10 Big Myths about copyright explained

A brief essay on ten common fallacies concerning copyright law.

Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (RIAA) Notice

warning from the RIAA indicating that they will use the subpoena process outlined in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to obtain information concerning the identity of users who infringe copyrighted works.