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Email Servers

If you have used our Account Lookup tool and have found that your mail server isn't listed on the menu for ACS-WebMail, your email is being hosted on another server. These servers are managed departmentally and often have their own Help Desk to support issues with accessing mail. Please be sure to check both the mail server and the department, as it is possible for mail servers to overlap.

Department Mail Server Web Portal
physics-mail.ucsd.edu physics-mail.ucsd.edu

Global Policy & Strategy (formerly IR/PS)

Before Fall 2014

irpsmail.ucsd.edu irpsmail.ucsd.edu
Jacobs School of Engineering
eng.ucsd.edu mail.eng.ucsd.edu


If your mail server is mail.ucsd.edu or ad.ucsd.edu, but your department is not listed, check your mail at mail.ucsd.edu.