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Activating and Accessing your Email Account

Do you need to activate and access your new UC San Diego email account and other ETS-supported services and systems like computer labs, wireless, VPN, and TritonEd? You've come to the right place.

Undergraduate students will receive an email account after the Accept Your Offer deadline. This occurs in early May for Fall new admits. After that, transfer and late acceptances are processed every few days. You can activate your account using your Triton Checklist/MyTritonLink password. This will confirm your identity and allow you to set your email password. You may use the same MyTritonLink password if it meets the ETS password standards (it should).

Graduate students may have their email provided by their department. All graduate students receive an ETS account which provides access to many other resources, even if they do not have an ETS email account. Graduate student accounts are set up in early April and periodically thereafter if you accept admission after that time. Once you have set up your UC San Diego Personal ID password as directed by the Graduate Division, you may use that password to activate your account (including ETS-supported email, if applicable).


Find your username and email server

If you don't know your username, you can find it using the Account Lookup tool, which will also identify your ETS email server, which you will need to access your email.

Set your password

Once you have your username and email server, you can set your ETS email password through the Account Lookup tool or the Global Password Change tool.

Most students can reuse their MyTritonLink/Triton Checklist password. If your existing password does not work for setting your email password, but it does let you access MyTritonLink, scroll further down the password change page to click the link that says "Change Password Using a password that only seems to work in MyTritonLink". This will authenticate you through MyTritonLink and allow you to set your ETS email/TritonEd password.

If you use your MyTritonLink password for your email, you must re-enter it to activate your account.

If this method does not work for you, contact the ETS Help Desk for assistance confirming your identity and setting your password.

Wait for the password change to take effect

Password changes are not immediate. The confirmation screen will tell you when your new password will take effect (usually no more than 15 minutes). In the rare event that "Change using a password that only works in MyTritonLink" does not work, you may need to create a totally new MyTritonLink password. This will also change your ETS password and will take up to 15 minutes to reset.

Log into your email

Once your account is set up, log into your UC San Diego email.

Email verification for communication with your college

Undergradute Students

If your college requires email verification, you will receive a confirmation code sent to your new UC San Diego email address with instructions. If you do not receive a message from your college, contact your college's Academic Advising Office.

Graduate Students

Contact your department advisors for information about computing resources your department may supply in addition to ETS resources.