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Recharge Printing Accounts

The ETS User Services group handles account administration (setup and billing) for the recharge (fee-for-service) Unix system sdcc12 and associated recharge printing/plotting accounts.  These accounts are to be used only in support of Academic Instruction and Student Research.

Increasing Recharge Limit

To increase the limit on future recharges for an existing sdcc12 recharge account, extend an expiration date, or correct an IFIS index, have either the primary account holder/PI or the listed fiscal contact send an email to recharge@sdacs.ucsd.edu. In the email, specify:

Account Name:
Desired Limit Increase:
Current IFIS Index:
Fiscal Contact Email Address:
(for monthly recharge backup statements)

Adding/Removing Subaccount Users

To add additional subaccount users to an existing sdcc12 account, or to delete obsolete subaccounts, have the primary account holder/PI or fiscal contact (fund manager) send an email to recharge@sdacs.ucsd.edu specifying the account name and the names and UCSD email addresses of the new users or deleted users.

More Information

For more information on making changes to existing accounts see the bottom of the Application Form.

Email: recharge@sdacs.ucsd.edu