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ACMS has assigned ieng6 machines that are configured to support graphical GNOME logins via the VNC protocol. The VNC connection to GNOME may be disconnected and reestablished as desired. It allows users to get a terminal and run commands as they were doing it in ACMS Linux labs. The following servers are available with 64-bit Cent OS 6. If you need a 32-bit operating system, please email acms-consult@ucsd.edu.

ieng6-240.ucsd.edu ieng6-241.ucsd.edu
ieng6-242.ucsd.edu ieng6-243.ucsd.edu
ieng6-244.ucsd.edu ieng6-245.ucsd.edu
ieng6-246.ucsd.edu ieng6-247.ucsd.edu
ieng6-248.ucsd.edu ieng6-249.ucsd.edu
ieng6-250.ucsd.edu ieng6-251.ucsd.edu
ieng6-251.ucsd.edu ieng6-252.ucsd.edu
ieng6-253.ucsd.edu ieng6-254.ucsd.edu

Then, you will need to start a VNCgnome connection to create your user profile:

Windows Macintosh
1. Download VNC Viewer and install it on your computer.

1. Open a Terminal window and connect to the appropriate server.

ssh username@ieng6-###.ucsd.edu

2. Open an SSH client and connect to the appropriate server.

ssh username@ieng6-###.ucsd.edu

2. Set a password for VNCgnome.

vncgnome -chpw

3. Find the "Tunnels" menu and set the Source Port to 5900 and Destination to localhost:5900. Next, under "X11" ensure that X11 Forwarding is enabled.

2b. Next time you connect to VNCgnome, you'll enter

vncgnome -pw

4. Now log into your account and enter the VNCgnome command


3. Open a new Terminal window and create a secure encrypted tunnel

ssh -L 5899:localhost:5900 username@ieng6-###.ucsd.edu
5. Enter localhost:0 into VNC Viewer when it asks for remote server info.

4. Open the VNC client by going to FinderGoConnect to Server and enter


You must be prompted for a password

Long-running jobs

Any processes older than 2 days with a connection to software (e.g. ADS, Cadence) will be killed. Be sure to save your work and exit the program when you're finished.


If, for some reason, you need to kill the GNOME session, you may run:

vncgnome -kill


vncgnome -restart

Pilot Software

We are currently testing Remotix by Nulana as new software for a VNCgnome connection. If you would like to test out the pilot software, please send an email to acms-consult@ucsd.edu from your UCSD email address. Please title your email "Remotix Pilot Software" and include the operating system you are running in the email.