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Adium for Mac

1. Download Adium for Mac client

Adium is a free chat client available for download on Mac. Be sure to download and install the client on your computer.

2. Configure your account

Run Adium and go to FileAdd AccountXMPP (Jabber)
Mac Adium Existing Account

In the Account tab, enter username@chat.ucsd.edu under "Jabber ID". Enter your Active Directory password.
  • You may optionally have Adium automatically connect on startup or reconnect if disconnected or waking from sleep

Mac Adium Account SettingsIn the Options tab, make sure the following settings are entered:

  • Set Connect Server to: chat.ucsd.edu
  • Set Port to: 5223
  • Check Force old-style SSL

Mac Psi Connection Settings

Press OK to save the settings and connect!

3. Adding friends

Mac Adium Add Friend

To add a friend, click on General, then select Add a Contact

The Add Contact Dialog will appear. In this dialog, enter the XMPP address of your friend and Nickname your friend anything you like. You may also add them to any Groups you might have in your contact list. Once you click Add, they will appear in your contact list.

Mac Adium Add Friend