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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a buddy?

The method for adding a buddy will vary from chat client to chat client. Please click on the appropriate link for instructions.

Windows: Psi, Pidgin | Mac: Psi, Adium

What is my username and password?

Usernames for students, faculty, and staff should be the first part of your UCSD email account (e.g. jsmith@ucsd.edu)


Look up your username with the Account Lookup Tool. You can reset your password if you do not remember it.

Faculty and staff

If you do not know your UC San Diego email address, talk to your department network administrator. Reset your password with the AD Password Change Tool.

Can't change your password?

Stop by the ACMS Help Desk with a photo ID.

Does chat.ucsd.edu log my chat sessions?

chat.ucsd.edu does not log chat sessions. The only information stored on server is your username and password at the time of login and logout. However, most chat clients have logging functionality, so it is best to assume that your chat conversations are being logged by the person you are speaking with.

What happens to my account after I graduate?

Your chat.ucsd.edu account will remain active for 90 days after you graduate. It is recommended that you switch to an alternative Jabber based service such as Google Talk during this grace period. After the 90 day grace period, your account will no longer be active.

What happens to my account if I am no longer employed with UC San Diego?

Faculty and staff are no longer eligible for chat.ucsd.edu accounts when they terminate employment with UC San Diego.

Where I Can I Get Help?

If your problem is not answered here, contact the ACMS Help Desk at (858) 534-ACMS (4-2267) or acms-help@ucsd.edu.