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Digital Signage

Digital signage is a dynamic and engaging way to communicate information to the campus community through flat screen HD monitors. Customized to fit your needs, digital signs combine multiple forms of media, including:

  • Text (including live data from websites)
  • Graphics (including images from the Internet)
  • RSS feeds (including UCSD News)
  • Videos (including streaming video)
  • Campus-wide safety alert bulletins
  • Scheduling databases (such as DEA EMS, used by the Price Center)

Unlike static signage, digital signs can be easily updated to feature new text content via templates or uploading files including JPEG, QuickTime, and Flash. Digital signs can even display alert messages during emergencies to keep the public informed about developing events. UCSD utilizes Carousel digital signage, an easy to use online system developed by Tightrope Media Systems. ACMS manages a Carousel server and departments that use Carousel digital signage are recharged for the cost of the Carousel software, licensing, and maintenance.

ACMS can assist departments with their digital signage needs including needs assessment, equipment purchase and installation, sign design and content development, and software training.

For further details and pricing, please contact Alvin Angeles.

Click here to visit Tightrope Media Systems website.

Digital Signage 1

Geisel Library digital sign 1, view 1

Digital Signage 2

Geisel Library digital sign 1, view 2

Digital Signage 3

Geisel Library digital sign 1, view 3

Digital Signage 4

 Geisel Library digital sign 2, view 1

Digital Signage 5

Geisel Library digital sign 2, view 2