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Media Event Support Policies


Media Event Support personnel do not have keys to classrooms or seminar rooms. Please insure that the location of your event is accessible by our technicians prior to the start time. For involved set ups, we need access to the location at least one hour in advance to insure a successful event. If our technicians are locked out of the room at the specified pickup time additional rental and labor charges will be incurred. We can deliver equipment only to locations accessible by elevators or wheelchair ramps, due to the possibility of personal injury or equipment damage.

Billing and Payment Information

An index or recharge number must be provided for all estimates and orders. Personal checks will not be accepted as payment for services or supplies. Monthly billing statements are posted on our website by the first week of the following month. Please review these statements within 90 days and contact Media Services at 858-534-8265 (x4-8265).


Orders may be canceled by calling Media Event Support at 858-534-8265 (x4-8264). All orders must be canceled within 24 hours to avoid being charged the full cost of the order. Weekend orders must be canceled by 4:30 pm Thursday to avoid being charged.

Consent and Release Forms

Customers are solely responsible for obtaining appropriate consent and release forms.

Estimated Prices

The prices displayed on the order estimate and in the order confirmation are only an estimate.The actual charges may be different if additional equipment or additional labor is needed to support the event, or if the event runs over the scheduled time frame.

Event Start Times / Equipment Delivery Times

When placing an order, request the “job start time” as the time you expect equipment set up and ready to use. Start time should be no later than when the first guests are expected to arrive. Customer is responsible for insuring that Media Event Support technician(s) will have access to the meeting room or event location with sufficient time to allow for setup and testing.

Late Orders and Changes

Orders, additions, or changes of any kind are not guaranteed if requested or approved by the customer less than 48 hours in advance and will incur a late order charge of $29.00 per occurrence. Orders placed less than 4 business hours in advance will incur an extreme late order charge of $40.00 per occurrence. Please be aware that late orders are subject to late delivery. It is advised that customers submit order requests and approve their orders at least two weeks in advance.

Memorial Services

Media Event Support will provide a basic sound system (one microphone, two speakers and one powered mixer accommodating up to 300 people) at no charge for memorial services held during regular business hours. Services held after business hours will incur labor charges. Equipment other than a basic sound system may be rented at any time.

Non-Media Event Support Equipment

Media Event Support will make every effort to operate sound, projection, camera and computer equipment belonging to other departments, but the variety of makes and models and the range of knowledge required to operate them means we cannot fully guarantee operation of department-owned equipment. This same policy applies to media systems designed and installed by departments or companies other than UC San Diego Media Event Support. Time spent familiarizing ourselves with such systems may also be charged as labor to requesting departments irrespective of the outcome of the requested service. We reserve the right to decline requests involving the operation of department-owned equipment which does not meet our technical standards.


We reserve the right to cancel services for an order if the user has not arrived by the requested start time. If possible, we will wait up to 10 minutes before event is deemed a "No-Show". We highly suggest an order representative arrive at least fifteen minutes before the start time of an event to confer with our technicians about equipment placement or other details of the event. 

Off-Campus Deliveries

We are unable to service off campus locations other than the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Birch Aquarium, University House, and the Salk Institute.


Media Event Support may not be able to accommodate all orders due to staffing limitations, to increase the likelihood we will be able to support your event we advise you to submit your order and approve your estimate at least two weeks in advance.

Outdoor Events/Water Exposure

We reserve the right to withhold equipment if there is a danger of water exposure that could create an electrical hazard or damage equipment.

If equipment is to be used without a technician present, a responsible party must be present at time of delivery to review setup and operation of equipment. If no technician is present customers are responsible for the safety and security of the equipment.

Price Center Events

Customers needing audiovisual equipment for events in Price Center program spaces (Theatre, Ballroom, Plaza, and Porter's Pub) will be required to order the equipment from Price Center Reservations, 858.534.7666. University Centers is equipped with sound and video equipment for these spaces and employs trained staff to operate that equipment. When using media equipment in the small meeting rooms in Price Center, please request portable projection screens directly from Price Center Reservations. Media Event Support will deliver portable screens to Price Center meeting spaces only if Price Center is unable to provide them due to lack of inventory.

Rain/Moisture Policy

Due to the risk of equipment damage and/or shock hazard, Media Event Support may withhold delivery if there is any possibility equipment will be exposed to moisture from rain, fog, dew, pools, or standing or moving water, etc. When an outdoor event is canceled due to rain and Media Event Support is notified prior to delivery, all charges will be waived. If equipment is delivered and then removed due to rain, the order will be charged as a late cancellation. If an event is moved indoors, additional labor charges may apply but “late location change” fee will be waived.

Room Configuration and Furniture

In locations where the room arrangements can be reconfigured, customer is responsible for having the room seating ready prior to equipment setup. Media Event Support technicians are not responsible for moving chairs, tables, etc. before the equipment is setup. For urgent requests contact Facilities Management at 858.534.2930. For non-urgent requests please see Facilities Maintenance and Repair Services.

User Media & Supplies / Lost and Found

Please be sure to remove all media and supplies from equipment when finished. Media Event Support will not be responsible for items left with or inside the equipment, or items left in the classroom.

Weekend and After-hours Events

We do not provide on-call support on weekends. Weekend events will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and will be accepted as jobs only after availability of technical staff has been confirmed. There is a one hour minimum labor charge for each delivery and each retrieval of equipment made on weekends or after 7:30pm weekdays.

Telephone Hybrid System 

When a speaker-phone system with phone bridge for audio conferences has been rented from Media Event Support, our technician will make an announcement prior to the start of the event asking all remote and local participants to mute their microphones when not speaking. Doing so will reduce the probability of audio feedback. Feedback and related audio problems originating from remote locations are beyond Media Services control.

Video Shoots

Video shoots take a minimum of 30 minutes for preparation and set up. Additional labor charges will apply.

Video Shoots and Files

Media Event Support's typical turnaround time for compressing videos that we shoot into web formatted files is a week and a half after the event is over. Depending on our schedules we may be able to provide files sooner, but we can not guarantee it. If you must have your compressed video files immediately after your event please let us know in advance so we can compress your video in real-time. Additional charges will apply.

16mm Film - Operator Requirements

All 16mm film events require a staff technician to operate the projector.

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