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Projection Package #2

8 Foot Screen

The Projection Package #2* works great for indoor or outside night events with an audience of up to 200 attendees. All of our projection packages use our standard projector standard with 3500 lumens. For events that require the projector to be farther from the screen a long through lens is available with a 5000 lumens projector. The screen in this package is an 8 foot square and our projectors can fill the 8ft width. The standard projectors must be around 20 feet from the screen to fill the space.
Package Includes:
  1. 8’ Front projection screen
  2. 3500 lumens projector
  3. A/V cart
  4. A/V cart skirt
  5. Power cable, extension cord, and power strip
$154.84 for the first hour, $24.84 for each additional hour. Price includes the delivery, set up, and tear down.*
  1. Onsite technician for A/V support, $65.00 per hour
  2. Any of our sound packages
  3. Laptop for presentations, MAC or PC, $16.00 per hour

Example of a one hour event with options:
  $154.84         Projection Package #2
  $  65.00         Onsite technician For duration of event
+$  16.00         Presentation laptop
  $235.84 Estimate Total*

* Event services can be tailored to each individual event. Our packages are our most common services bundled together for ease of ordering and cost estimation. Packages can be changed to fit your individual event requirements.