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Sound Package # 6

House Sound Package

The House Sound Package* is recommended for any venue that does not have a house sound system or has a house system without access to the AV controls. This package will bypass the house system for quality purposes.

System includes:

  1. Portable Audio Kit
  2. Wireless Microphone Package, includes 2 wireless handheld and 2 clip on lavaliers.
  3. Mixer
  4. 2 XLR Cables
  5. 2 Compressors
$181.35 for the first hour, $51.35 for each additional hour. Price includes the delivery, set up, and retrieval of all equipment listed.*
  1. An onsite technician to provide AV support during the event is an additional $65 per hour.
  2. Wired microphone $2 per hour each. Includes the cost of one microphone stand if needed.
  3. Additional Wireless Microphone Package, WMP, includes 2 wireless handheld and 2 clip on lavalier microphones, $20.00 per hour. Includes the cost of 2 microphone stands if needed.
  4. iPod MP3 player with house music collection $10 per hour

Example of a two hour event with options:
  $181.35         Sound Package # 6, including delivery, 1 hour set up, and retrieval
  $  51.35         One additional hour ($51.35 x 1 = $51.35, 2 hours total)
  $  40.00         Additional WMP microphone package ($20.00 x 2 hours = $40.00)
+$130.00         AV Tech during the event for two hours ($65 x 2 hours = $130)
  $402.80 Estimate Total*

* Event services can be tailored to each individual event. Our packages are our most common services bundled together for ease of ordering and cost estimation. Packages can be changed to fit your individual event requirements.