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Video Package #2

Single Camera


The Video Package #2* is designed for events with multiple speakers and those events that require higher quality voice recording. This package works well with short and long events with multiple participants including presenters and audience. This package also works with panel discussions, award ceremonies, and special events. The recording will be done by one of the ETS videographers and edited in house to fine tune the video quality. Your event can be retrieved digitally from the server or on a DVD. One hour minimum charge time.
Package includes:
  1. All standard Video Package #1 equipment
  2. One Wireless Microphone Package, includes up to 4 additional wireless mics with any combination of lavalier and handheld microphones
  3. Site visit and testing of house AV system prior to event start date
$329.05 for the first hour, $150.30 for each additional hour. Price includes the delivery, set up, camera operator during the event, tear down, editing time, and recording equipment.*
  1. Add an additional camera for a static wide angle camera shots, $97.80 per hour
  2. Additional onsite technician for audio or video support, $65.00 per hour
  3. Any of our sound packages
  4. Laptop for presentations, MAC or PC, $16.00 per hour
  5. Third party captioning option, $60 per hour, no markup

Example of a one hour event with options:
  $329.05         Video Package #2
  $  97.80         Second Camera for static recording
  $  60.00         Third party captioning, no markup
+$  16.00         Presentation laptop
  $502.85 Estimate Total*

* Event services can be tailored to each individual event. Our packages are our most common services bundled together for ease of ordering and cost estimation. Packages can be changed to fit your individual event requirements.