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Print a PowerPoint Poster from OS X

Printing multiple posters?

If you are printing more than 10 posters, please let us know a week in advance. This will allow us to make sure we have enough supplies for your posters.

Printing from your own computer?

Install the Mac printer driver before proceeding.

1. Login to Remote Print Authorization

  • Log into the Remote Print Authorization page with the username for the account you want to be charged.
  • Select cplot1_np (for 36" posters) or cplot1_np42 (for 42" posters).

How big can my poster be?

ACMS has paper rolls 36" and 42" wide. Smaller sized documents can be printed, but will not be cut to size.

PowerPoint will not print posters longer than 56". Print longer than 56" from a PDF.

Leave the Remote Print Authorization page open and go to step 2.

2. Configure Your Poster

  • Open your file in Microsoft PowerPoint, then go to File→Print.
  • Select HP DesignJet T1100ps (Remote Printer) as your printer.
  • Click Page Setup...
  • The dimensions of your poster are Width and Height under Size.
  • Click Options...
  • Format For: HP DesignJet T1100ps (Remote Printer)
  • Paper Size: Manage Custom Sizes...
Page setup for poster printing.
  • Create a new profile for your poster's dimensions. Set the Width to 36" or 42" to match your paper roll selection. The Height can be anything up to 56".

My poster's height is 36 inches.

You may have created your poster with a 36" or 42" height, but you need to set this dimension as your width here, to print to the width of the paper roll. PowerPoint should rotate it automatically for you.
Set up poster dimension profile.
  • Click Print to submit the poster to the preview queue.

3. Verify Your Poster's Settings

When a preview print is submitted, the account owner will receive an email. If you are not the account owner, please ask the owner to set up a sub-account.

You can also check the cplot1_np queue and cplot1_np42 queue online. This will not submit your job to print.

If the preview does not look the way you want it to, check the settings outlined in Step 2. Once you are ready to print, continue to Step 4.

My poster is blurry!

Previews use low-resolution images to preview print positioning. The printed poster will be the same quality as your original file.
Make sure any images you include are high-resolution (at least 300 dpi and no larger than 100% of the original size).

4. Submit Your Print Job

  • Return to your already-open Remote Print Authorization page.
  • Change the printer to match the type of paper you want.

    Draft Paper

    Draft paper (cplot1) should not be used for the final poster.
    Colors can be dull, solid blocks of color can print unevenly, and there is a longer wait time for pickup as the ink dries.
  • Do not change the printer or other settings in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Set copies to 1. If you would like additional copies, you must submit a new job per poster.
  • Click Print to send your poster to the print queue.
  • Use the Poster Print Queue Check tool to make sure your poster is there.
  • When the poster has finished printing, the account owner will receive an email, or you can use the Queue Check to see if it has printed.

Need to cancel?

To cancel a print job, use the ACMS Print Queue Manager. If you are using a recharge account, you will need to log in with your personal account and select Connect to another ACMS account. Connecting your accounts will allow you to cancel a print job.

Contact Software Distribution

Need Help? 

Contact or visit the ACMS Help Desk.