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Wolfram Research Inc. Mathematica

UC San Diego has three types of Mathematica licenses available. These are presented in the order of decreasing price, and ease of use/acquisition

  1. Educational fully packaged product available from the UC San Diego bookstore
  2. An unlimited departmental 70% discount purchase of perpetual licenses
  3. An unlimited UC San Diego network site license.

Educational fully packaged product available from the UC San Diego bookstore

The easiest route to get Mathematica is as a "fully packaged product" (box, license, CD, manual). Contact the bookstore directly to purchase these fully packaged products.

Bookstore Computer Center: 858.534.4291

Discount purchase of perpetual licenses

UC-wide we have an extension on the previous Wolfram Mathematica agreement that carries the existing 55% discount on per-license pricing through 6/30/13. This is an effective way to get departmental licenses at a good price for university-owned computers (not available for personal licenses).

  • Win/Mac/Linux single-machine: 55% off list (current list: $1095 as of 5/10)
  • Network licenses at the same discount rate

Wolfram Research Inc. Mathematica
Permanent licenses for the UC agreement L2953-8559

All manuals are included in the Mathematica Help Browser as well On-site Mathematica training: http://www.wolfram.com/services/education

Contact Wolfram directly to participate:
Jason Berg
Academic Account Executive
Wolfram Research, Inc.
100 Trade Center Drive
Champaign, IL 61820-7237
Phone: 1-800-965-3726, ext. 3490
Fax: 1-217-398-1108

Unlimited UC San Diego network site license

An unlimited UC San Diego network site license involving annual subscriptions and renewals that gives UC San Diego access on a per seat basis to all eligible products offered by Wolfram Research. We are allowing participation outside of the of ACMS instructional labs. This is especially notable for faculty, as we have home use licenses available for use with your courses.

See How to Order for more information.

Who qualifies

This software can only be used by UC San Diego students, faculty and staff under the conditions stated in the Licensee. Any other use is expressly prohibited. In addition, this program uses a network license server. Computers must be on the UC San Diego network, physically at a UC San Diego location, and must be registered in the campus ucsd.edu domain to participate.

Note that this is a concurrent shared use pool of licenses, so usage will need to be monitored, and there is a possibility of all licenses being in use. Hence we need to limit use to those actually participating.

We cannot extend this software agreement to grant individually owned computers access to the network license at this time. We do have a number of faculty home use licenses we can arrange for.

This license agreement is composed of:

Unlimited concurrent user UC San Diego network licenses for class A/B platforms. $150 per concurrent user per year annual fee. A department may participate for a single $3000 annual fee.
Limited number of annual copies for faculty home use when using the license.
Limited number of copies for webMathematica Amateur to use with above concurrent licenses.

Our UC San Diego Mathematica Site License annual term starts each 15-September for one year, with the expectation that renewals will likely happen for future years. Each department machine running the software must obtain a license for the number of users/uses desired.

Software updates can be obtained from Academic Computing & Media Services as long as the license fee is paid for the current year.

Disk images are available for download.

ACMS can only provide very limited technical support on these products. Participants can also contact Wolfram's web site for technical support.


Software Distribution:
ACMS Software Distribution
(858) 534-9676

Technical Support:

Jim Rapp
(858) 534-4060

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