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UCSD RedHat Enterprise Linux Agreement Information

RedHat is available under UC terms & conditions in two licensing options.

Full-Time Employee-based Annual Subscription

The terms & conditions are under the UC contract negotiated by UCSD, UCI, and UCOP.

The Full Time Equivalent (FTE) calculation is based upon payroll numbers of faculty & staff.

The minimum for a departmental enrollment is 500 FTE. The parts/prices are as of 8/2007:

Min. Order    Item #    Description    $Each    $Minimum   
500 each 9019-0537 Red Hat Academic WS / AS Production Site FTE $9 each $4,500.00
500 each 9019-0536 Red Hat Academic WS / AS Production Site FTE $0 each $0.00
1 each 9019-0532 Red Hat Network Proxy Academic Edition 1 yr sub $2,500.00 $2,500.00

Orders go to:

DLT solutions
Toll Free 877-742-8358
Jason Preston

DLT will need your RHN user log in name upon time of purchase for continuity of service.

Red Hat Network for Education - Individual Subscriptions

The FTE-based agreement parallels and compliments RedHat Educational Solutions' direct pricing of individual subscriptions for $30 per desktop per year, and $60 per server per year. These are available on an as needed basis from the Red Hat Individual Subscription Order page.

The Master UC/RedHat Agreement, sets terms & conditions that supercede any click thru terms.

Free Alternatives


CentOS versions 5.0, 4, and 3 are Enterprise-class work alike distributions derived from sources freely provided to the public by RedHat.

Red Hat Fedora

Redhat Fedora at Fedora Project