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How to Order Software

From Marketplace

Visit Marketplace, and log in using your Single Sign-On:

Tips for ordering from Marketplace


How to Order Other ACMS-Distributed Software

To order the following:

  • ESRI GIS software
  • Maple mathematics software
  • Matlab Concurrent License
  • Mathematica mathematics software

Get the product description of the items you wish to order from the price lists.

Send the following information to software@ucsd.edu:

  • Name
  • E-mail Address
  • Department
  • Phone
  • Mail code
  • Index number to charge (ONLY index numbers are accepted for payment.)

    For each item ordered:

    • Title (Product Description)
    • Part Number (if any)
    • Quantity
    • Any special information required for particular item (e.g. Macintosh version, or Windows version)

The software license clerk will reply within 1-3 working days. If you submit a complete order, this e-mail includes any passwords and instructions for accessing the software.

Please place orders one vendor at a time. Include all requested information in order to speed processing. Email allows us to keep track of each transaction for our auditors. Please use your @ucsd.edu or @eng.ucsd.edu email address if possible.

Please do not forward passwords or codes from ACMS to Yahoo, Gmail, sdsu.edu, or similar non-UC San Diego addresses.

Items Not Listed

For questions about items not on this list, please send email to software@ucsd.edu.