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Some software that used to be distributed by ACMS is now distributed by a different department, Marketplace, using the “SHI Computer Software” reseller.

Contacting Marketplace

Send questions to the Marketplace help staff.

Purchasing via UC San Diego Marketplace

Click the SHI (Software House International) image

Visit Marketplace, and log in using your Single Sign-On. DO NOT search for items at this point!

Under Agreement Suppliers & Internal Partners, use the "SHI Computer Software" punchout to be taken to the SHI website.

Navigating SHI

DO NOT start off using the SHI search function, if you want to save time and money. There are many more items able to be displayed, and for common searches you will see much more costly options in many cases.

The “Top Products” list on the right of the SHI punchout home page reflects the most frequent and common licensing pattern of half of the UC campuses, so is almost always contains what you are after.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on the “Top Products” list, click on the software links under “Featured Products”

From there, add needed licenses to your shopping cart.

Taxable Status - Important!

When you are done putting items into the shopping cart, there will be a taxable status query stage.

Adobe and Microsoft Select are ALWAYS taxable, as someone in the UC system relies on a physical pressed disk for some product in both of these agreements.

For Symantec, Filemaker, VMWare and McAfee (and Sophos), the UC licenses are download (ESD) only, and are generally not taxed. Understanding this will save you 7.75% in deferred tax costs.

Checking Out

Once the shopping cart is done, the cart contents are sent back to the UC San Diego marketplace web site for final verification and approvals. Be sure that the tax status matches what you entered at the SHI taxable status page.

The fulfillment from the Reseller (SHI) goes to your marketplace contact info used in the process of university business. Each of the software publisher’s fulfillments look a bit different, but every transaction will use your consistent marketplace identity.

Browser Problems

All browsers should work, but try Firefox if you have it installed. If you get a "Session timed out" message immediately after you follow the punchout link, you may need to adjust your browser's "cookie" security level. Report problems like this to the marketplace help staff.