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UC San Diego Maple Agreement

Maple is software for symbolic math and numeric computation. Use Maple at many levels, from exploratory learning in math education to research problems in quantum chemistry. The software consists of a small kernel and a library of some 2,000 mathematical functions. Maple is also used in one of the Matlab toolboxes.

Maple is $150 per year per copy.

Each machine running the software must have a license and activate it with a key provided by Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) Software Distribution, software@ucsd.edu.

Each faculty/staff member that acquires a copy of Maple is entitled to use this product at home, on one computer at a time for use consistent with either personal use or use that complements their duties as a faculty/staff member of the University of California. In no way does this allow the licensee to distribute the software to any other person, company, or entity at any time without the written consent of MapleSoft. This home use is unique to the UC system and uses a unique serial number per activation. Contact us if you need one.

Students may not buy Maple for their personal use under this agreement. A student version including documentation is available from MapleSoft's online store for $99.

Printed documentation is not included. Maple books can be ordered from the Bookstore.

Installation and Support

Disk image (.ISO) downloads for the current version of Maple are available as the normal distribution method.

ACMS will act as technical support coordinator for copies of Maple obtained from this program. Note that ACMS is unable to provide extensive technical support for this product and Maplesoft will not take direct calls from software users. 

Privately obtained licenses do not have support restrictions.

Under the current agreement, in subsequent years you must either keep Maple under maintenance through ACMS Software Distribution or remove it from your system. This is true for all existing Maple 6 and higher licenses bought through ACMS.

More information is available from MapleSoft.

Contact Software Distribution

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Contact us at software@ucsd.edu.