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MATLAB Concurrent License

UC San Diego Matlab Network Concurrent Use Agreement

MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing integrating computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation.

Who qualifies

This software can only be used by UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff for Academic Internal Operations only, as defined below, and under the conditions stated in the MathWorks Software License (pdf), which includes the following limitations:

Academic Internal Operations

The installation and use of the Programs by Licensed Users for the purpose of

(i) in the case of employees (faculty and academic staff), performing software administration, teaching, and non- commercial academic research in their ordinary course as Licensee's employees; and
(ii) in the case of enrolled students, meeting classroom requirements of courses and study offered by the Licensee.

Any other use is expressly prohibited.


There are two types of licenses available to UC San Diego departments:

  1. A UC San Diego MATLAB network concurrent license.
  2. A UC San Diego MATLAB TAH license for standalone installations.

UC San Diego MATLAB Network Concurrent License program

The UC San Diego MATLAB network concurrent license program uses a network license server. Computers must be on the network and must be registered in the campus ucsd.edu domain to participate.


Our UC San Diego MATLAB Network Concurrent License program annual term runs from 1-August through 31-July.

Each department or machine running the UC San Diego MATLAB Network Concurrent License software must obtain an annual license at the following rates:

  • Departmental License (Excluding JSOE, SIO, Health Sciences, SDSC) - Multiple systems with unlimited users:
    $2000 per department per year.

For the purposes of these licenses, a department is defined as an academic department, an administrative unit, an ORU, a program or project, etc., as listed in the current UC San Diego directory.


A "parent" department with "child" ORUs, e.g. Physics and INLS, can choose to treat the department and ORUs as a single entity for MATLAB licensing purposes.

This choice carries two caveats:

First, any department must be able to handle all of its systems' licensing needs using ACMS' central campus network license servers. If subnets, firewalls, or other physical constraints prevent this, then the isolated systems may be excluded from using the site license.

Second, if consolidating MATLAB "units" across the campus results in fewer users contributing to the cost of our UC San Diego MATLAB Network Concurrent License program license, we may have to adjust the above listed rates upwards. Both common sense and experience tell us that this can cause costs to spiral beyond what campus users will support.

Mathworks uses a network licensing scheme that restricts the number of concurrent users able to use a specific number of instances of MATLAB (850), Simulink (50), and each toolkit (50 or 100 users, for many - see above). The UC San Diego/Mathworks agreement does not restrict users per machine or department beyond these concurrent user limits. Pricing includes all of the software listed above and it is not feasible for us to provide unbundled pricing for individual items.


  • There is no problem with UC San Diego staff using the MATLAB software in support of UC San Diego faculty research
  • There is no problem with UC San Diego faculty, students or staff using MATLAB in support of NIH or NASA funded research here

If you are interested in additional toolboxes beyond the ones currently in the network agreement, your department can pay to add them to the site license. The amount depends on the number of potential seats allowed. Please contact software@ucsd.edu for more details.

Some have asked about using MATLAB when connected to the UC San Diego network via the UC San Diego VPN or UC San Diego dialup. This works as a way to keep MATLAB working when at conferences etc. as both these are part of the UC San Diego network. We do not extend the MATLAB license access to non-UC San Diego network addresses.


Campus Software Distribution does not distribute this software to students, but departments may do so. All copies installed must comply with the restrictions on use and distribution.

Some have asked if Student MATLAB is available, or if it can be used on university owned computers, or for other than registered students' own personal use. Student MATLAB is available via the TAH license. Please see https://matlab.ucsd.edu/student.html for access.

Check Available MATLAB Licenses


Software updates can be obtained from ACMS as long as the license fee is paid for the current year.


This software is distributed over the network. The network distribution includes ISO disk images to create DVD sets, as needed. Departments at the departmental license level receive one DVD kit for very long term loan.


ACMS will provide the license keys to customers of this service. ACMS can only provide very limited technical support on these products. Participants can contact Mathworks for technical support via telephone and e-mail.


Software Distribution:

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