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Microsoft Products for Departments and Units 


UC Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement (MCCA)


Microsoft Resources Notebook (contains most of what you would like to know about Microsoft Products and Services).

MCCA Licensing Terms

Departments or units may lease software based on a count of their FTE (Full Time Employees). This benefits departments and units that have the same number or more computers than staff and upgrade Microsoft products (Office, Windows, or Server Operating Systems) at least once every 3 years.

This software is typically ordered months before the start of first use date for new subscribers, and the price will go down or remain the same as long as certain UC-wide enrollment levels are met.

This is an annual software rental agreement with a long-term commitment based upon your unit's payroll. Refer to the Microsoft Select agreement to order Microsoft software for immediate use.



MCCA enrollment is effective July 1st each year. New enrollments and renewals are due to Software Distribution on April 7th, each year. Mid-term new enrollments may also be placed on an irregular basis. Please contact Software Distribution to work out the details.

All the other changes (Prices and products changing) will happen each March about mid-month.

Costs and Payments

Payment must be made via UC San Diego recharge (IFIS Index). All prices include tax and access to downloads of the software. These prices assume electronic distribution. The complete departmental/unit FTE (Full-time employee; see below) calculation is based upon April payroll numbers.

If you do not email software@ucsd.edu to opt out by April 7 each year, we will atuomatically renew and charge your department or unit using the previous year's enrollment details.

Desktop Education Core vs. Desktop Education Enterprise

Desktop with Enterprise includes Core apps plus servers and system management apps.

Calculating Your FTE (Full-Time Employees)

full time faculty + part time faculty and TAs divided by 3 + full time staff + part time staff divided by 2 = Total FTE


Eliminate multiple purchases throughout the year by licensing your whole department or unit for the year at one low price.Access to the most current technology. If a new release of a product you license comes out you have rights to it as soon as it is available. Subscription licensing eliminates the need to track licenses for individual products on individual computers. One payment covers all of the products you've selected for the year.

With a Campus Agreement Subscription you can license all of the computers and users in the participating departments/units for use of the most current Microsoft software for up to 12 months at a time. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to license Microsoft software.

Besides the remarkably low prices, here are a few other reasons we think you'll find this licensing model extremely attractive:

  • Streamlined software procurement process for current technology: With subscription licensing, you're licensed to run the most current version of the software products included in the subscription-including any upgrades and downgrades of those products. This flexibility means always having the very best software for your users with complete flexibility in deployment options.
  • Simplified software asset management: Subscription licensing eliminates the need to track licenses for individual products on individual computers. This is especially helpful for managing software assets in a decentralized environment.
  • Predictable budgeting and purchasing: One payment covers all of the products you've selected for the year. Plus, participating University of California institutions will not experience a price increase the first year, and we have the opportunity to drive prices lower with higher participation. We will also have the opportunity to use the Three-Year Subscription option in the second year and receive three additional years of price consistency and budget predictability.

Not sure if you want to participate? Consider these additional benefits:

  • Excellent value: By standardizing on a platform of products, your total cost of ownership is reduced while productivity and access to current technology are increased.
  • Multiple computer support: While traditional licensing is per-computer, Campus Agreement Subscription provides licensing coverage for all computers within a department/unit based on an employee count (Full-Time Equivalency), rather than a PC count. If a faculty or staff member has more than one computer, both are covered. Since licensing is based on the FTE count, new desktops added to a department are automatically covered for the subscribed products at no additional cost.
  • Easy compliance: Because all of your institution's computers and users are licensed for the term of the agreement, it's easy to be sure that you're fully-licensed for the selected products.
  • Office 365: The Office 365 production suite is available for download to faculty and staff in participating departments and units.
  • HUP: Departments and units that participate in MCCA qualify for the Home use program. Software Distribution will send the Program Code to each Departmental contact to give to qualified users.
  • Coverage for open access computer labs: For participating departments, open access computer labs are covered for the same products licensed to the department's faculty and staff.

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