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Adobe Acrobat Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) 

***Enrollment for the 2014-2015 subscription year has now closed.***  

To enroll for 2015-2016, please email software@ucsd.edu.

To enroll your department, please fill out the Adobe enrollment form by March 31st of each year to participate.  Orders cannot be added after this deadline.  You will be eligible to start using the software, effective May 1st of each year.

Features of the UC ETLA option:

  • Licenses are annual (not perpetual)
  • Includes updates and upgrades
  • Priced by FTE (not computer)
  • Simplified compliance and administration:
    • No need to track installations per computer
    • Install on new computers mid-year at no additional cost.
  • Instructional student lab computer installations included at no additional cost
  • Staff and faculty allowed one additional installation, for home machines used for work-related purposes.
  • Support is not included
  • No DVDs, only downloads
  • Only Acrobat is included

Pricing Calculation

The Adobe ETLA licensing is based upon your FTE (Full Time Employees, according to payroll). Employees that aren’t “knowledge workers” (those that don’t regularly use computers on the job) need not be counted, such as groundskeepers, building maintenance workers, and food service workers. Employees who use a computer only to clock in and out, or only for other brief work-related tasks, can also be excluded from your department count.

Calculating Total FTE
Full-time faculty + (part-time faculty ÷ 3) + full-time staff + (part-time staff ÷ 2) = Total FTE quantity.

If campus-wide demand for these products is sufficient to continue with this agreement, the annual expected cost per FTE for UCSD departments to lease these products would be no greater than:

  • Acrobat Pro Windows or Macintosh = $7.50/FTE

When deciding whether or not to participate in the ETLA, a department should take into account how many computers they need to install Acrobat on, then compare the ETLA as an option under two scenarios:

Comparing ETLA to the cost to renew maintenance on existing perpetual Acrobat Pro licenses under Marketplace's CLP agreement 

Maintenance under the CLP can only be renewed in two-year increments.  Current CLP pricing for two years of maintenance is:

  • Acrobat Pro Windows or Macintosh = $18.92 +tax

Under this scenario, the ETLA has both a lower up front cost, and a lower cost per year if your needs are 1:1 employee to copy of acrobat.

Comparing ETLA to the cost to acquire new perpetual Acrobat licenses under the CLP agreement

Current CLP pricing for new perpetual Acrobat licenses is currently:

  • Acrobat Pro Windows or Macintosh = $60.26 +tax

The cost to acquire maintenance coverage on new Acrobat licenses would the same as noted above. Under this scenario, not only would the ETLA cost less than the maintenance, the initial cost of the license purchase would also be avoided.

A department with a very low need to use Adobe Acrobat compared to the FTE in their department may not find the cost justified. A department wishing to deploy Acrobat widely may find this a compelling subscription option.

The effective start date for each new year's agreement is May 1st, each year. This is a download only agreement (no physical media).

If your department would like to participate in this agreement, please fill out the Adobe enrollment form no later than March 31st. Opt out if desired by February 28th each year via email to software@ucsd.edu.