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Upcoming Changes to Adobe Software Agreements

For news about upcoming changes please see: Adobe Changes

Adobe Software Agreements

There are four Adobe Volume license agreements at UCSD:

Adobe Contractual License Program (CLP)

Software purchased through this agreement is no longer distributed by ACMS.
It is now distributed by Marketplace.
Customers with active Maintenance/Upgrade Plan should contact Marketplace for upgrades.
You can reach the marketplace help staff at mphelp@ucsd.edu

This is the agreement used by most departments for Adobe software, outside of Acrobat pro in specific departments. The CLP is limited to use on UCSD owned computers. There is no minimum order. The prices are UC wide at the lowest price tier Adobe offers. Orders are handled by a "punch out" with the label "SHI" to connect to the current UC system software reseller for this agreement via UCSD Marketplace.

ALL Adobe CLP orders are taxable, as some orders under the UC contract depend on physical media.

Most products are available for download online. Media can be ordered via the reseller (SHI), and certain license codes can take time to be available, primarily for new products. The optional supporting DVDs do not come with or include licenses, so you would have to order at least one license per any DVD that you order. We get CLP - level 3 ( 100000+ ) pricing.

Optional Adobe Upgrade Plan (Maintenance) gives you rights to any new versions during the period. Upgrade Plan currently expires March of 2013. ACMS will not be automatically renewing upgrade plan.

A special aspect available to North American higher education CLP agreements is a concurrent license option. This means software can be installed on more than one UCSD machine, but only run on one machine at a time per license. This is available with one big limitation. That limitation is if and only if there is a hard controlling software license metering system in use to absolutely ensure that only the maximum licensed number of concurrent licensed copies can be run at the same moment in time. Note that Suite licenses can not be separated, nor and parts of one suite license used on more than one computer. So any part of a concurrent suite license like acrobat reading a web page "is using" all the components of a whole suite license.

Support is purchased directly from Adobe as needed, it is NOT included with the UC system licenses. See the adobe web site for current pricing on per incident support.

Orders fulfilled by the UC system reseller (SHI currently) are fulfilled via the Adobe volume license web site that provides links for downloading, license codes and order details.

Adobe Contractual License Program (CLP) Student option.

This is the auxillary agreement Tied to the above, used by individual current UCSD Students, Faculty & Staff to get one (1) copy of many of the same CLP suites as above, at the same price for use ONLY on a personally owned computer.

This add-on agreement is distributed by the UCSD bookstore, subject to additional UCSD CLP Agreement Terms and Information.

UC consolidated Adobe Acrobat Term Site License

Departments can receive steeper discounts on Adobe Acrobat if they enroll all employees in their department in the UC consolidated Adobe Acrobat Term Site License. We encourage folks to keep a copy of the media local for reloads. There currently is a dedicated campus access only server providing local downloads for this subscription agreement.

This annual subscription agreement is handled by ACMS Software Distribution. It only covers Acrobat.