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Licensing Changes and UCSD

In 2013 Adobe is moving to a term based  model for it's creative applications. Named Adobe Creative Cloud, the applications will be subscription based and will offer local downloads of the Adobe apps to a named user's machine (the apps don't actually run in the Cloud or virtually). As a result, effective January 1st, Adobe is no longer accepting Maintenance/Upgrade Plan orders for it's desktop creative tools and Suites. Perpetual licenses purchased previously may still be used and any current Maintenance will be fulfilled through the end of the current Adobe CLP contract which expires in April of 2013. Tools like Adobe Acrobat, Captivate, and non core creative applications can still be purchased with Maintenance at this time.

Why is Adobe making this change?

With technology changing rapidly, a "once every 18-24 month" product release cycle no longer makes sense. Previously users also needed to choose a specific bundle for their given workflow - Design or Web or Video. In 2012 and beyond users need to be able to communicate everywhere - with images, on the web, with video, on a tablet and more. Giving users access to the entire collection of Adobe tools removes limits and allows them to be creative in any medium. The Creative Cloud also includes central storage and collaboration capabilities and much more (see screenshot attached).

What about Adobe Acrobat and the Term Site License program?

Departments may  wish to join the new Education Term Site License program which is based on the FTE of a particular dept. Each dept. must use their FTE # and can deploy anywhere within their department just as they did with the TSL. Please note that the pricing for Acrobat Pro XI is going up to $7.50 per year/FTE.

What if our dept. does not wish to renew the TSL?

If a dept. does not wish to renew their Acrobat TSL licenses, that dept. must uninstall Acrobat from all machines and anyone who wishes to purchase a perpetual license from SHI may do so.

So what does this mean for UCSD and Adobe licensing of creative products like Photoshop or InDesign?

Adobe tools that are currently used are perpetual licenses and may be used for the useful life of that software. Any licenses that have Maintenance will get any updates/upgrades through April of 2013 but the licenses themselves are perpetual meaning they are still valid licenses. If you wish to continue using the current version you are using, then you do not need to do anything.

What if I want to buy new licenses?

Adobe's CLP program will allow you to buy current licenses. The UCOP will renew the CLP in May and UCSD may still purchase new perpetual licenses from SHI if they wish. Please note that no Maintenance or Upgrade Plan will be allowed on creative tools however so that version, while perpetual, may not be upgraded.

What if I want to stay current with my Adobe creative tools?

Adobe currently offers Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams or for Individuals via a subscription. These are term based licenses valid for one year which include all updates and upgrades during the term. Software is licensed to a specific named user and may be deployed to that user's machine. New users may be added by placing an order with SHI. At the end of the term, the licenses must be renewed or they will no longer function.

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