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UC San Diego HP CSLG Subscription Service

The UC San Diego CSLG (Campus Software License Grant) provides low cost access to HP (previously from Compaq and Digital) enterprise software licenses. These licenses are for applications and user quantity uplifts, for the OpenVMS, OpenVMS Integrity, Tru64 Unix and ULTRIX operating system.

These licenses are for university-owned computers only. Departments may not distribute to individuals, though licenses may be purchased for institutionally-owned machines used by faculty or staff at home, or off campus.

The program currently runs July 1- June 30, and renews annually each July first. The annual fee is $360 per system.

Annual subscriptions will be renewed unless you opt out. Let us know at least 2 weeks before renewals are due if you want to opt out or change your IFIS index number. Each H-P system must be registered.

The cost to the campus is based UC San Diego's fraction of systems and workstations enrolled in the University-wide program - there is no differential fee for machine type, speed or operating system.


ACMS provides very limited technical support on these products.

From H-P

Phone support is not generally provided for operating systems and layered products. Subscribers may order their own media distributions and are eligible for discounts on media, licenses, documentation and various H-P services. The H-P enterprise web site has a wealth of information. Phone support contacts can be ordered on an annual basis and are priced in the $1200 per contract year range.

Legal Details

The System Manager, System Users and Department agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the University's agreement with the software vendors, and agree that the product(s) will be used only on the listed hostid/Serial Number systems, and that every reasonable effort will be made to prevent unauthorized use or distribution of the CSLG license keys. If the subscription is discontinued or a system is not re-enrolled you may be required to send a signed letter stating that certain UC San Diego Software Library programs, licenses, keys, and/or passwords have been removed from the system and destroyed.

If a computer no longer participates in the CSLG program all licenses and software acquired thru the program must be removed and destroyed; regular licenses and software are available from the local H-P office.

Ordering and Renewing

To order or renew, send information to software@ucsd.edu as described at How to Order and the following additional information for each system enrolled:

  • Hostname
  • hostid or decnet node number
  • Serial Number (UCID may substitute)
  • Model Number

All machines must either be identified with their UCID number or the physical location on the UC San Diego campus and a serial number.