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ArcGIS for Desktop is an integrated collection of GIS (geographic information systems) software products, used to author, analyze, map, manage, share, and publish geographic information. ArcGIS Desktop, Server and ArcPAD ESRI GIS tools can be used on the desktop, published from a server, and accessed on portable devices.

ArcGIS Desktop Advanced is composed of:

  • ArcGlobe
  • ArcMap
  • ArcScene
  • ArcGIS Desktop Extensions


The annual cost is $500 initial, $250 per additional license, $1000 for 3-10 copies in a single lab.

This is a network license so you must be on the UCSD network to use the full desktop suite. ArcGIS Desktop runs on Microsoft Windows 7, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 2008 R2 operating systems.

ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced Server is used with ArcGIS Desktop to publish content created within ArcGIS Desktop and is composed of:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • 3D Analyst Server
  • Geostatistical Analyst Server
  • Network Analyst Server
  • Spatial Analyst Server
  • Workflow Manager Server
  • ArcGIS Server Image Extension

ArcGIS Advanced Server licenses cost an annual $1500 per license. One copy of ArcEditor can be installed in that cost to support the administration of the server, incidental to posting data for others if needed or similar tasks, but not for replacing the ArcGIS Desktop used normally. This is a network license so you must be on the UCSD network.

For portable use, and in less demanding environments, the following are available separately:

  • ArcGIS for Desktop Standard (ArcEditor): $250 initial, $125 per additional license, annually. Includes all the functionality of Basic and adds a comprehensive set of tools to create, edit, and ensure the quality of your data.

  • ArcGIS for Desktop Basic (ArcView): $250 initial, $125 per additional license, annually. Provides data visualization, query, analysis, and integration capabilities along with the ability to create and edit simple geographic features.

  • ArcPad: $100 initial, $50 per additional license, annually. Used as an adjunct to the above software.

ArcView information

ArcPad is mobile field mapping and data collection software and integrates directly with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. There may be limits on administrative use of the ArcPad annual license.

These are NOT network licenses, but still have annual license fees for continued use.

Additional Info

The UC ESRI program subscription renews each February 1.

See ESRI ArcGIS Overview for more details on the above.

Annual license payments can only be made through campus IFIS Index numbers.  Media may be created for your use from our on line disk images, used as is with ISO image mounting software, but not duplicated. Physical media is loaned for up to one week. These costs are ANNUAL for all users,, and renewal happens each February.

Note: ESRI offers a free ArcGIS Student 1-year license for use by students taking GIS-related courses or programs at colleges and universities that are a part of this ESRI license. Contact The campus GIS coordinator (below) if you qualify. This is not a replacement for the licenses above that are for institutional uses, but instead is an adjunct to the licenses above. They cannot be used on institutional machines.

Media and Manuals

Media is available on campus only for electronic distribution, or a subset of the media in physical form can be borrowed for up to a week for installation. We do not make up DVD's, or deliver. The manuals are available on the disks in the software installation kits. ACMS/Software Distribution charges a $20 fee for each ESRI kit checkout.

Printed documentation is available for purchase direct from ESRI.


For Usage questions and subscriptions to the ESRI virtual campus:

Michael Smith
Map Librarian; GIS Coordinator
Social Sciences & Humanities Library
University of California, San Diego
(858) 534-1248

For licensing questions:
ACMS Software Distribution

For installation questions:
Technical Support:(Limited)
ACMS Software Distribution (Brian Hamilton)

Check Status of License Servers

The cost of the basic "Academic Desktop" for 2011-2012 is again $36 per FTE per year. This includes: