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MATLAB Group License Maintenance Agreement

ACMS Software Distribution no longer distributes this. Please contact the vendor directly. ACMS Software Distribution still distributes the UCSD MATLAB network concurrent license.

The Group license program provides MATLAB and toolbox licenses for specific participating computers while offering group maintenance discounts. It was started at Scripps Institute of Oceanography to meet the special needs of researchers running MATLAB where no network connections are available. These licenses are in a single pool of licenses, and do not require a network connection in normal operation. They are activated directly against the Mathworks server, over the internet, at installation time.

A group license covers (1 or 2 processor) workstation versions of MATLAB products running on Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows systems. The current list of Matlab products in this group - and their corresponding annual maintenance costs - follows: The general model of this agreementis total base Matlab license count + total toolbox count. In this, the focus going forward would be on initial acquisition in bulk, not maintenance savings on quantity of various toolboxes. In this model there are 7 maintenance price groups.

The per-seat purchase rates for new Group licenses vary by both the number of seats and types of products purchased. Here is a sample price list from 7/2010. These prices may be outdated. (Be sure to specify that any additions are being made to the UC San Diego group license)

Quantity MATLAB Simulink Tier-1 Toolboxes
2-4 $450 $2250 $450 $158
5-9 $300 $150 $300 $105
10-24 $220 $110 $220 $77
25-49 $155 $78 $155 $54
50-99 $120 $60 $120 $42
100+ $90 $45 $90 $32


  • Tier-1 = Various embedded target toolboxes, Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox, MATLAB Builders, MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB Web Server, Model-Based Calibration Toolbox, Real-Time Windows Target, Real-Time Workshop, Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder, SimBiology, SimDriveline, SimEvents, SimMechanics, SimPowerSystems, Stateflow, xPC Target, xPC Target Embedded Option
  • Toolboxes = All the other MATLAB toolboxes

Ad hoc group purchases in the quantities above can be added during the year by individual departments.

Package Annual Maint cost
MATLAB $16.00
Simulink $35.00
MATLAB Compiler $110.00
Toolbox group A $44.00
Toolbox group B $27.00
Toolbox group C $7.00
Other Special Items

Toolbox group A currently consists of Control system, spreadsheet link, instrument control, Spline

Toolbox group B currently consists of Curve, communications, data acq, database, genetic & direct search, neural net, partial diff eq, filter design, wavelet

Toolbox group C currently consists of image processing, mapping, signal proc, symbolic math, statistics

Prices above include tax. Toolboxes may move into lower priced tiers as we acquire and keep more under maintenance, and move to higher priced tiers if too many drop the optional maintenance. You can not install a release 2008 toolbox with expired maintenance into a unique license for MATLAB 2010a. So you abandon licenses, or keep them maintained.

You may purchase new Group licenses on your own as needed during the year and add them to the group license pool (which may reduce subsequent years' maintenance costs). Licenses added to this pool remain there, licensed to UC San Diego.

To answer a couple of recurring questions
  • There is no problem with UC San Diego staff using the MATLAB software in support of UC San Diego faculty research
  • There is no problem with UC San Diego faculty, students or staff using MATLAB in support of NIH or NASA funded research here


ACMS Software distribution does not distribute this software to students, but departments may do so. All copies installed MUST comply with the restrictions on use and distribution.

Some have asked if Student MATLAB is available, or if it can be used on university owned computers, or for other than registered students' own personal use. (Student Matlab is available from the UCSD bookstore for about $100 a copy). Student MATLAB may NOT be used on university owned computers.

About MATLAB & Simulink Student Version from the Mathworks FAQ:

Question: Are there any restrictions on using this product?
Answer: Yes. The following restrictions apply:

  • The product must be used on a student's own computer.
  • The product is solely for use in connection with courses offered at degree-granting institutions, either by students working toward a degree, or by continuing education students.
  • The right to use the student products for any other purposes, including commercial purposes, is expressly prohibited.
  • Student licenses are nontransferable.


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