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UC San Diego SAS Agreement Information

SAS Workstation Order Form     SAS Server Order Form

SAS is a data management, analysis and presentation package available in our Education Analytical Software (EAS) bundle. SAS is licensed under an agreement between UCOP and SAS. UC San Diego is a participant in that contract.

The SAS subscription year runs from July 1st - June 30th.  


Each EAS license for desktop computers is $70 per year. Desktop computers are single user Windows, Linux or Macintosh computers with one or two processors.

Each EAS license for servers is currently $150 per CPU per year.  Servers with multiple CPUs will be priced accordingly, per CPU.  Servers are multiple CPU and/or multiple user computers. Server licenses are also needed when running a server operating system like desktop Solaris.

Mainframe computers are not covered in this agreement.


ACMS Software distribution does not distribute this software to students, but departments may do so. All copies installed MUST comply with the restrictions on UCSD only use, license agreement, and distribution.

Effective September 1, 2010 SAS Learning Edition has been replaced by SAS® OnDemand for Academics. It is free for professors, and free to students in registered classes. There is no longer a time limited learning edition.

Installation and Renewal

Software is available for download as disk ISO images, or for over the network install. A software installation kit is also available for short term checkout for up to ONE week at a time.

A license key, called a SID or setinit, must be applied each academic year you are licensed. Use of an expired license is a violation of the license agreement. The SID or setinit typically allows for a short grace period after renewal. New installations can not generally be done after the setinit expiration date of each July 1. You may opt out of automatic renewal two weeks before the end of the academic year.


The license covers the latest release but you can run an older version if we still support it. You can switch between versions at will throughout the year.  Release 9.2 rev2 and later supports windows 7 Pro.
The following product licenses are available in the EAS bundle:
Base/SAS, SAS/Access for some operating systems are included (others, typically used with ERP systems, require a separate license), SAS/AF, SAS/ASSIST, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/EIS, SAS/ETS, SAS/FSP, SAS Bridge to ESRI, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/IML, SAS/INSIGHT, SAS/LAB, SAS/OR, SAS/QC, SAS/SECURE, SAS/SHARE, SAS/SPECTRAVIEW, SAS/STAT, ONLINE/docs and SAS/Enterprise Guide.

You can find detailed information about these products as well as other SAS products and solutions at http://www.sas.com/products/ and a brief description of each is at the bottom of this page.

Documentation is not provided with SAS licenses but may be purchased separately from SAS, Inc. We do not make custom copies, or deliver. We can purchase a copy of the media for your use at an additional cost.


SAS Workstation Order Form     SAS Server Order Form

You will be provided download information.

Legal Details

Uses of SAS licenses must meet both of these tests:

  1. User is one of the following: UC employees, UC students, and short-term on-site Contractors performing work for UC.
  2. Hardware is one of the following:
    1. located on Customer's premises which Customer identifies to the SAS lnstitute by type and CPU number (for servers)
    2. hardware owned or leased by Customer or Customer's employees (for laptops/desktops/clients).

In this definition, "Customer" is the Regents of the University of California.

This software is the copyrighted property of SAS Institute Inc., and contains trade secrets of SAS Institute Inc. All title to the software remains with SAS Institute Inc. at all times.

NOTE that the first time that you license SAS software for use at UC San Diego we MUST have a physical signature on a SAS license agreement, and proof of university affiliation for each user. SAS is licensed to the individual user. The whole license agreement is accessed via the SAS order form, as part of the order process, and all aspects must be accepted in writing.

Renewals can be done individually by license holders using their @ucsd.edu email server address, with that email being used as an electronic signature for the renewal, as a supplement to the on file physical signature. If there are any questions a new physically signed license agreement and proof of current UC San Diego affiliation may be required.

Participants can use the software for their UC San Diego academic studies and/or research purposes only, and shall not use the software for any commercial or profit making purposes, or personal financial gain. If the license is discontinued, the user must destroy any copies of the software or be subject to disciplinary or legal action by UC San Diego and SAS Institute Inc.

Administrative use would be only for the types of activities involved with actually running the university such as the registrar, not for the academic studies and/or research purposes activities that make up most of the educational enterprise at UC San Diego. Administrative uses carry a higher price from SAS. Contact us for more information on the rare case of administrative uses.


Academic Computing & Media Services provides limited technical support for SAS, mostly related to installation issues.

The SAS support web site at http://support.sas.com/index.html includes their knowledgebase.

There is a SAS Technical Support Hot Fix Web site at: http://www.sas.com/techsup/download/hotfix/hotfix.html We suggest you visit the hotfixes page after installing or relicensing SAS.

There is a public mailing list at SAS that will email the availability of hotfixes as they come out. To subscribe, visit this web page:

Subscribe to or receive files from TSNEWS-L

This software can be installed on desktop computers by ACMS Desktop Support. There is no transaction fee if the software is installed on a normal (billed) support call. Contact ACMS Desktop Support at campus extension 20047 or email desktop@ucsd.edu

Here are some brief descriptions of the SAS products above

Base - Foundation of the SAS system, giving users the ability to perform the common data driven tasks of data access, management, analysis, and presentation.

SAS/Access - the SAS/ACCESS interfaces are the foundation for our data access solution. These interfaces enable your SAS solutions to read, write, and update data regardless of its native database or platform. A list of Access engines that are included with the EAS are listed below:

Access to relational databases

DB2 under OS/390 CA-OpenIngres OLE DB SYBASE
DB2 under VM Informix ORACLE ODBC
DB2 under UNIX or PC Oracle Rdb Teradata  

Access to non-relational databases and other data sources

PC File Formats SYSTEM 2000 software

SAS/AF - Application development tool, Create customized interface.

SAS/ASSIST - SAS oriented interface. Generates SAS code as you point and click. Enterprise Guide is the new replacement to ASSIST and is a Microsoft oriented interface.

SAS/CONNECT - Allows one SAS session to talk to another on other hardware. Connect must be on both machines.

SAS/EIS - provides a syntax-free environment for building user-friendly enterprise information systems. For the first time, you can have EIS applications that are as easy to develop as they are to use. The software gives you such EIS "basics" as point-and-click menus with pull-down windows...access to native host applications such as EMAIL...data-sensitive drill down, what-if analyses, exception reporting, and multidimensional data viewing and analysis, and graphical display of critical success factors and grouped bar charts.

SAS/ETS - Econometric Time Series. Used to find trend analysis.

SAS/FSP - Full Screen Processing. Allows programmer to view entire screen when creating code.

SAS Bridge to ESRI - This gives you the ability to exchange spatial data between ArcGIS9, the market leading geographic information system (GIS) software from ESRI, and SAS. This new product links spatial, numeric and textual data through a single interface to improve efficiency, produce more intelligent results and communicate those results more effectively.

SAS/GRAPH - Robust graphing software. Can create high end, high-resolution graphs, maps, charts, plots etc.

SAS/IML - Write your own interactive matrix language.

SAS/INSIGHT - Dynamic tool for exploring and analyzing your data.

SAS/LAB - Researchers and scientists use LAB. Provides guided data analysis.

SAS/OR software, a set of powerful management science solutions, is an integral decision support component of the SAS System. The software includes solutions for mathematical programming, scheduling, decision analysis, and drawing Gantt charts and network diagrams. Schedule projects; manage resources; solve multi-period planning problems; model transportation, distribution, and production networks; plan and manage investments and financial programs; and much more. SAS/OR software turns the data you already have into decision-support information you need.

SAS/QC - provides point-and-click interfaces to guide you through standard statistical quality control applications and design of experiments.

SAS/Secure - SAS now provides encryption services to increase the security of transmissions across a network. SAS/SECURE software makes use of the cryptographic services provided by RSA's encryption algorithms and Microsoft's CryptoAPI ciphers and is subject to export regulations. A form of fixed encoding is also provided with Base SAS software.

SAS/Share - SAS/SHARE is a data server that allows multiple users to gain simultaneous access to SAS files. Working hand-in-hand with other SAS components, SAS/SHARE anticipates the many combinations of hardware that you might need to access your data at any given moment, then locates and delivers the data to meet these multiple requests. And it's all transparent to the user. It is ideal for applications that require constant data updates and are accessed by many different users. It supports the same SAS security features, as well as additional security for server operations, including native host security and password verification. And SAS/SHARE safeguards data integrity by filtering out requests that conflict with ongoing activities.

SAS/Spectraview - data visualization and analysis tool, allows you to create, analyze, and modify geometric images representing multidimensional data. This software is useful for a variety of applications, including medical imaging, oil exploration, environmental sciences, chemical analysis, pharmaceutical studies, financial analysis, and more.

SAS/STAT - Regression and analysis tool.

Enterprise Guide (Windows Only) - Enterprise Guide is a project-oriented Windows application designed to enable quick access to much of the analytic power of the SAS System for statisticians, business analysts, and SAS programmers. Leveraging the power of SAS on many platforms, Enterprise Guide enables users to access data locally or on SAS servers, manage the data, perform basic reporting and summaries, perform basic and complex data analyses, utilize the highest quality SAS graphics, and export or publish results to SAS servers and other Windows or server based applications. Work done in Enterprise Guide can also be easily shared by other Enterprise Guide users. Most work done in Enterprise Guide can be shared with other SAS users external to Enterprise Guide via the transparent SAS code generation underpinning the application.