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UC San Diego Symantec Agreement

Academic Computing & Media Services and Symantec have entered into a quantity license purchase arrangement for a range of Symantec product licenses.

These software licenses are only available to UC San Diego departments for use on UC San Diego owned computers. Purchase can only be through campus IFIS Index numbers.

This is primarily an enterprise level license program aimed at departments not individuals. The general model is large quantities of licenses and/or media being ordered well before being needed to be in production. Both the Ghost and anti-virus products may be individually serialized for your purchase and take some time to arrive.

We do NOT distribute complete shrink-wrapped products with this agreement. This is a license agreement.

What types of products are covered

  • Norton Anti-Virus Solution for Desktops Only
  • Norton Anti-Virus Solution for Desktop and servers
  • Norton Anti-Virus Solution for Desktop and servers and gateways
  • pcAnywhere32 Solution
  • Norton Ghost (see note at end)

See the current price list posted here for both the current products available as well as the actual prices.


The minium number a single product needed to be purchased is only 10 copies.

This program essentially modularizes Symantec products. The license, media plus documentation are priced and sold separately. Support is not provided at these prices past what is provided via the symantec enterprise web site and the electronic or printed manuals that come with the media kits.

About Concurrency

Concurrent licenses are licenses that are used by more that one CPU. This is commonly called a network, or floating license. If there is only one person that can use the software, and it is only installed on one workstation, that is a single user license. If the software is installed on a network, that is a concurrent use license. If you have any doubts please ask. Concurrent licenses are NOT available under this agreement.


Manuals and media kits may be ordered as part of an aggregated order placed quarterly. 

It can take up to FOUR MONTHS to receive items (usually less). We try to have the most common media online by copying it as it comes in, when ordered. For new prouducts this means the first order needs to have been placed.

License Term: perpetual for the purchased version. This does not include updated virus definition subscriptions that are considered to be MAINTENANCE after the first year.

The Symantec agreement is reviewed and renewed if appropriate each July 1st. Any MAINTENANCE runs from the time ordered, for the time period ordered. MAINTENANCE must be renewed before the prior MAINTENANCE is over.

Home Use: Licenses can not be sold or re-sold to students or faculty. 
Licenses are for university use. Home use licenses for similar products are avialable from the UC San Diego bookstore. The Sophos anti-virus agreement includes free home use for all licensed users if the department needs the same version at home and at the university.

Each order for Symantec products made through ACMS will be assessed a $20
transaction fee regardless of size or complexity.

An example of prices follow.

Contact ACMS Software Distribution for specific price information, or see the price list online at http://swd.ucsd.edu on the price list page. If we have a price list it will be there. Currently The complete price list is online at:


Note that these example prices are subject to change, but were valid as of 6/10/2003.

Example transaction: 200 copies Norton Anti-Virus Solution for Desktops and file servers with maintenance for 1 year, transaction fee:

Right-to-use licenses: $12x200 =$2400

  • (This part is called NORTON ANTIVIRUS CORPORATE EDITION 8.0 DESKTOP & FILE SERVERS and protects 200 users on their desktop or their file server stored files)

Media Pack/CD/manual: $20x1 = $20

Maintenance: $5 each x 200 $1000


Transaction fee $20 x 1 = $20

Total $3420

Sales tax and shipping will be added to all purchases.

Note about Norton Ghost

We have a site license for ghost from the previous owners (Binary Research). As of now, Ghost is available at our currently available release version. Departmental licenses are $75 each. The Norton ghost is for pricing per CPU used on, not by department. There is a stiff minium number needed to buy Norton Ghost per CPU. The departmental license may at some future date be superceeded by this agreement with the new owner of Ghost.


ACMS Software Distribution 


Technical Support:(Limited)

(Hua Uy)This software can be installed by ACMS Desktop Support once the Minimums have been met. There is no transaction fee if the software is installed on a normal (billed) support call.