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Symantec Agreement

License and media prices

Agreement terms and information

Agreement Terms and Information

  • There is a minimum order of ten licenses per product for Anti-virus and other desktop products like Ghost.
  • A $20 transaction fee is added to each Symantec order. This is not combined with other vendor's orders.
  • Products are available on-line from Symantec directly. License codes can take 6-9 weeks to arrive.
  • ALL Symantec license codes, including Symantec AntiVirus (ENDPOINT PROTECTION), or Backup Exec are ordered from the vendor with our next monthly bulk order. This may take quite some time. Symantec individually serializes these products now.

Available license types

  • License W/ 1YR Maint.: These are the most commonly-ordered types of item. Each is a license. The type of maintenance can be either BASIC or Esssential.
  • License: These are less commonly-ordered. The Symantec software titles are licensed as perpetual licenses. But if you order just the license, you can only use the software as originally delivered. No updates/upgrades. You must buy again if you want a new release.
  • Maintenance 1 YR BASIC RENEW: This is to renew maintenance on an existing license, for one year. Basic Maintenance Telephone Access: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Business hours Initial response goal: 1 hour
  • Maintenance 1 YR Essential RENEW: This is to renew maintenance on an existing license, for one year. Essential Support: Telephone Access is 24x7x365; Initial response:goal: 30 minutes.

Other Symantec Information