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Software Renewal Calendar

Subscriptions are required to continue to use the software.


  • ESRI program subscription renews each February.


  • JMP subscription renews each April 14.
  • UC Consolidated Microsoft Campus Agreement program renewals are due at ACMS in April, for a July 1 effective date.


  • Adobe TSL subscription will change names, and renew/enroll in May, starting in 2013.

July - beginning of Fiscal year

  • Maple renews each July 1.
  • SAS renews each July 1.
  • HP- enterprise operating systems CSLG program renews each July 1.
  • PTC/Pro Engineer subscription renews each July 1.


  • Matlab for networked workstations agreement renews each August 1st.
  • Wolfram Mathematica renews each September 15.