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Who We Serve

ACMS Software Distribution distributes bulk purchases of software to the UC San Diego campus. We provide minimal technical support primarily to departmental contacts who know what to order, how to do a network install of the software, and need little documentation. ACMS Software Distribution does not manage the software used by students in instructional labs. We do, however, arrange for many special deals on software for students.

We only take IFIS Recharge (Index) numbers as payment.

Limited Support

ACMS Software Distribution is funded to provide very limited technical support, related to downloading from our servers. Please see Desktop Support for information on paid assistance installing products.

UC San Diego Bookstore

We strongly suggest that for individuals, and some single quantity purchases, buyers consider the UC San Diego Bookstore. Fully packaged products include DVD and license for immediate use. ACMS has for enrolled students, our discount agreements for Adobe, and Microsoft distributed at the bookstore.

Of special note: The Microsoft "Student Select" and Adobe CLP student agreements via the bookstore can be used by Faculty & Staff for use (only) on personally owned computers, in addition to registered students.

Those who cannot comfortably use our download services may purchase software at the UC San Diego bookstore, or other suppliers of educational software, at academic discounts.