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Subscription Software Renewal Dates

The titles below are available by subscription through campus licenses.

Subscriptions are renewed annually.

License and IFIS changes and subscription cancelations must be made by the date listed below. If no change or cancelation is received, subscriptions will automatically renew using the original information.

For subscription updates and changes or questions, email Campus Software Distribution at software@ucsd.edu.

Renewal Dates

Adobe Acrobat Pro ETLA
New enrollment commitments by March 31
Renewal opt-outs by February 15
License effective May 1

Adobe Creative Cloud
Annual licenses maintained by UCSD Software Distribution have an anniversary date of August 7.  All licenses will need to be renewed before August 7th to continue Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions.

Esri ArcGIS
Renew by February 1

Renew by April 14

Renew by July 1

Renewal October 1st

MATLAB for networked workstations

Renew mid-August
License effective August 1 to July 31

Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement
Renew by April 15
License effective July 1

Renew two weeks before the end of the academic year
License effective July 1

Contact Software Distribution

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Contact us at software@ucsd.edu.