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ACMS Virtual Computing Labs: Ubuntu

  • Make sure Ubuntu is up to date with all of the latest libraries and patches.

  • Go to System Settings

  • Click on Software Sources

  • Click on the "Other Software" tab

  • Check the box next to "Canonical Partners - Software packaged by Canonical for their partners". Click on "Close" and close the "System Settings" window.

  • Go to the Ubuntu Software Center

  • Click on the down arrow next to "All Software" and select "Canonical Parnters"

  • Click on "VMware View Client Tech Preview" and then click on the "More Info" button".

  • Click on the "Use This Source" button and it will ask you to authenticate. Type in your password.

  • Click on the "Install" button. The system will ask you to authenticate again and allow the system to install the software.

  • Depending on which shell you're using search for the "VMWare View Client". It's usually located Under Applications>Internet. Run on the application.

  • Click on the "Agree" button of the EULA. It will ask for you to enter the name of the View Connection Server. Type in: virtuallab.ucsd.edu and click "Continue"

  • In the next VMware View Client window, it will ask for "User Name:",

  • "Password:" and "Domain:". Type in your UC San Diego username and password.

  • Make sure the "Domain:" is set to "AD".

  • Then click the "Ok" button

  • In the next VMware View Client window, you will see a list of ACMS

  • Virtual Lab computers that you have access to.

  • Double Click on the appropriate computer icon for the ACMS Virtual Lab computer you wish to use .

  • Your screen will refresh and login to the ACMS Virtual Lab computer and you will be able to use any of the installed lab software.

  • When you are done using the ACMS Virtual Lab computer just log off the virtual desktop .


Be sure to save any important files you wish to keep inside your "Documents" folder (AKA the "H:/" drive).
Any files left behind on the background desktop of the ACMS Virtual Lab comuter or outside of your Documents folder may be lost and deleted.

If you lose a file, please contact the ACMS Help Desk and we'll do our best to recover it.