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Things To Do Before Your Accounts Close

If you plan to graduate, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the university, please follow these steps beforehand to preserve your valued computer files and to minimize the risk of missing e-mails sent to you:

  1. Transition to a staff email account.

    If you will still be affiliated with the university, be sure to make copies of the files and emails you want to save. Your department will provision you with an email address. Coordinate with the IT resources available to you to transition to your new account.

  2. Redirect mail addressed to username@ucsd.edu to an off-campus address. See more information regarding redirecting emails after graduation.

    When you leave the University, we will continue to forward e-mail sent to the @ucsd.edu address for up to one year. However, be aware that after a year that @ucsd.edu address may then be assigned to a future student. Please be sure to change any outside references to it as indicated in step 5.

    Alumni Email

    Alumni Online offers an email forwarding service for UCSD Alumni. Please note that this is not an actual mailbox, but an email forwarding service.
  3. Move copies of your important computer files to portable media (flash drive) or your home computer. If you can't make it into one of our labs, you can use our Virtual Labs to copy your files. Students with a UCSD Google account can use the Google Takeout tool.

  4. Move copies of your UCSD emails to a personal device. Our recommended method is connecting your UCSD email to another client via a POP connection. Students with a UCSD Google mailbox can use the Google Takeout tool. If you were unable to do so and would like to request an email recovery, please see here for more information.

  5. Ask ETS to delete your account from student/instructional systems. To do this, log into your account before it closes and send a message to acms-consult@ucsd.edu requesting that your account be deleted.

    By deleting your account, any emails sent directly to your server inbox will be returned to the sender, letting them know that you haven't received the email. Otherwise, some emails may be sent to the wrong mailbox and you will be unable to access them. Furthermore, any email redirection that is put in place will still be in effect, even if your mailbox has been removed.

    Simply send an email to acms-consult@ucsd.edu saying something like, "I have graduated. Please delete my student e-mail account, jsmith@sdcc13."


    ETS must be sure the message is from the actual owner of the account.
    If your campus username@ucsd.edu address is directed to a third-party address, it will suffice to send the request from that address.
  6. Change outside references that use your current UC San Diego account email address.

    Since your email address will be assigned to a future student, any outside applications that allow the owner of the email address to reset the password—such as Facebook, Twitter, and TurnItIn—could one day be taken over by someone else, revealing personal information. You should update the address used to your new email address to ensure the privacy of your work. Likewise, if you used your UC San Diego email address on bank accounts or social network accounts, change your address there as well.