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Access to Google Apps for Education-
Faculty and Staff FAQ

Questions asked by faculty, and staff about Gmail and Google Apps for Education at UC San Diego.

Student Email and Instructional Use of Gmail and Google Apps

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• Can I get a Gmail account?

You will need to speak with your department to see if you can get a Gmail account.

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• Do all students have Gmail now?

Yes, all students have access to UC San Diego's Google Apps. If they can't log in, please have them contact the Service Desk.

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• Will emails from students come from @gmail.com addresses or @ucsd.edu addresses?

Emails will still come from @ucsd.edu.

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• How will this rollout affect existing Jacobs School of Engineering and Scripps Institution of Oceanography Gmail/Google Apps users?

Incoming Jacobs School of Engineering (JSOE) graduate students will continue to be provisioned within the separate JSOE Google Apps domain. Incoming Scripps Institution of Oceanography graduate student will continue to be provisioned in Exchange.

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• What triggered the switch to Gmail/Google?

The previous email interface is showing its age. Rather than upgrade the current interface, we’ve decided to move to Gmail, which is supported by Google’s programmers and receives much more frequent updates to provide a better student experience.

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• Are my students still reachable as user@ucsd.edu?

Yes. Nothing has changed in how you email students.

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• What should I do when a new student invites me to a Google Hangout or other Google app?

If you receive a Hangout request through your @ucsd.edu email and you haven’t converted to Gmail, you will not be able to participate. You'll need to use a personal Gmail account and have the invitation sent to that account.

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• Can my assistant get a Gmail account?

You will need to speak with your department to see if your assistant can get a Gmail account.

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• Our department and/or my graduate students use Microsoft Exchange. Where does Gmail fit in?

ACT runs Microsoft Exchange for departments and some graduate students. There will be no change to staff and graduate student accounts unless your department receives email services from ACMS.

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• What is Google Apps for Education?

There is no substantive difference between Google Apps for Education and the regular Google Apps you can sign up for as an individual. The University of California has negotiated a system-wide agreement that governs the use of Google Apps for Education. UC San Diego’s use of Gmail and Google Apps for Education is covered by this agreement.

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• How can I share a document with all my students?

Currently, the best way to do this is by creating a site for your course in TritonEd, the UC San Diego learning management system. Contact Educational Technology Support for more information about TritonEd.

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• What should I do if students begin using Google Apps without me? Can exceptions be made to give faculty Google Apps access?

Google Apps for Education is available to Faculty with an instructional need - for more information please contact Educational Technology Support.

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• Who owns content stored in Google Apps or in Gmail? Google? UC San Diego?

Use of Google Apps for Education or Gmail does not change ownership of any content beyond existing UC policy.

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