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Google for Students & Instructional Use — FAQ

Questions asked about student and instructional use of Gmail and Google Apps at UC San Diego.

Faculty and Staff Use of Gmail and Google Apps

See Access to Google Apps for Education- Faculty and Staff FAQ

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• When can I get a Gmail account?

All students have been provision with Google Apps, with few exceptions. Please log into gmail.ucsd.edu to access your account. If you cannot log in, please contact the Service Desk

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• What happens to my old email if I switch to Gmail when it's available?

Your old email will stay on your former email server. If you need help backing up or migrating your email, please contact the Service Desk.

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• What are the advantages of having Gmail?

The previous email interface is showing its age. Rather than upgrade the current interface, we’ve decided to move to Gmail, which is supported by Google’s programmers and receives much more frequent updates to provide a better student experience.

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• Will my emails come from @gmail.com or @ucsd.edu?

Emails will still come from @ucsd.edu.

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• I already have my @ucsd.edu mail forwarded to my email account of choice (which may already be Gmail) or I retrieve it from there. Do I have to switch to campus Gmail?

You only have to switch if you want to. If you like how your email is currently running, then you can keep on doing what you’re doing.

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• What should I do when a new student invites me to a Google Hangout or other Google app?

You should be able to join the Hangout with your UC San Diego Gmail account. Please contact the Service Desk if you can't participate.

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• Can I keep using acms-webmail for my school email?

Absolutely. You won’t be forced to switch. We anticipate maintaining the current system through at least 2018.

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• If I switch to Gmail, am I still user@ucsd.edu?

Yep, your email address will remain the same.

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• Can I use other Google Apps without changing my email interface?

Yes, you can access apps like Google Docs and Calendar with your UC San Diego Google account no matter where your email is being sent.

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• I have already linked my personal Gmail account to my @ucsd.edu address and can send as me@ucsd.edu – can I still get a new Gmail account? Should I? Will anything break?

You can still get UC San Diego Google Apps, but Google will remove the links to your UCSD address and won't let you send emails from your personal Gmail account anymore. Any shared documents or calendar events will stay with your old Gmail account. Please contact the Service Desk if you would like to set up a UCSD Google account.

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• Are there restrictions on what I can send or store using a Gmail account or Google Apps?

Yes. Your use of UC San Diego-provided Gmail and Google Apps accounts requires compliance with the ETS Acceptable Use Policies. Be sure to review this before using Gmail.

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• Will my password for Gmail be the same as for my other ETS services and/or TritonLink?


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• Will Google be mining my personal information for commercial purposes?

No. The University of California’s system-wide agreement states that Google is not allowed to gather any data about you through Google Apps for Education.

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• Will any classes require me to have a Gmail account? What should I do if a class requires me to have a Gmail account?

 Some courses may require you to have access to Google Apps for Education. If so, you should be provisioned with them automatically.

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