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Back Up Your Mail

There's an easy way to back up your UC San Diego emails.

UCSD Google Tools

Google Takeout

Google Takeout downloads your UCSD Google account files onto your personal computer. Downloading your files onto your desktop will allow you to upload your mailboxes into a personal email client or view your files on your computer.

1. Sign into the Google Takeout Tool

Sign into takeout.google.com with your full UCSD email address (include @ucsd.edu)Sign into takeout.google.com

2. Select which data to include in your archive

Select which data to include in your download and select "Next"

If you’d like more information on what data each option will download, you can click to expand information on the section that you’d like to know more about. 

Create your archive

3. Create your archive

Verify your options and select “Create Archive”

Create your archive

Google Transfer

Google Takeout also lets you transfer your emails and Drive documents to another Google account. This is a good option if you have a personal Gmail account that you would like to use to backup your UCSD Google account contents.


The Google Transfer tool only supports Google to Google migration. If you do not have a personal Google account, you can create one or you can use Google Takeout option listed above.

1. Sign into the Google Transfer Tool

Sign into takeout.google.com/transfer with your full UCSD email address (include @ucsd.edu)

Sign into Google Transfer

2. Specify your destination

Enter your personal Gmail account address that you would like to use as your destination account. Select "Send Code"

Specify your destination

3. Verify your destination address

Enter the code that was sent to your personal Gmail account and verify.

Transfer Content Verification

4. Transfer your content

Select the data that you would like to include in your transfer. Select "Start Transfer"

Start Transfer