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Redirect UC San Diego Email to Another Address

Students can redirect their email to another email address. 

When you graduate you can use this facility to forward your @ucsd.edu email to an off-campus mailbox for a period of time once your student computing resources are no longer available. Be sure to update your email address on any external services including Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter etc., financial institutions and anywhere you may be using your UCSD email address to authenticate or reset access.

Before You Start

Use caution when changing your delivery address while you are still at UCSD - replying to official email or sending mail from a different account means the campus recipient cannot be sure of your UCSD identity/affiliation!

Confirm that your new delivery access is working properly.

If you are unable to access the redirect tool, email postmaster@ucsd.edu with your request.

Webpage unavailable?

If you are not connected to a UC San Diego network, you may need to log into the Virtual Private Network to gain access to the tool.

Students with Deactivated Accounts

Accounts will be suspended the second consecutive quarter a student is not enrolled. An account may be closed for other reasons as well.

You can still receive email sent to your UC San Diego deactivated student email address for up to one year after your last quarter of enrollment by redirecting to a personal email account.  Remember to update your address on external services to use your personal email account.

Already Graduated?

Alumni Online offers an email forwarding service for any UC San Diego graduates who have received a Bachelors, Masters, and/or a Doctor of Philosophy degrees.