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Redirect UC San Diego Email to Another Address

Students can redirect their email automatically to another email address.

Before You Start

You will need your full email address with your email server (e.g., jsmith@sdcc13.ucsd.edu).

If you do not know your email server, you can find it with the Account Look Up Tool.

If you are unable to access the redirect tool, email postmaster@ucsd.edu with your request.

Webpage unavailable?

If you are not connected to a UC San Diego network, you will need to log into the Virtual Private Network to gain access to the tool.

You may also use the ACMS Mail Filter Utility to set up dual-delivery (see "Forward a copy to another address" in "Creating Recipes"). This sends email to your UC San Diego email account, in addition to your personal email account.

Students with Deactivated Accounts

ACMS deactivates student accounts after two consecutive quarters without enrollment. An account may be closed for other reasons as well.

If your student account is deactivated, you can still receive email sent to your UC San Diego email address by redirecting your email to a personal email account for up to one year after your last quarter of enrollment.

Already Graduated?

Alumni Online offers an email forwarding service for any UC San Diego graduates who have received a Bachelors, Masters, and/or a Doctor of Philosophy degrees.