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Accessing or Verifying your ACMS Email Account

Welcome to UC San Diego! Are you having trouble verifying or accessing your account?

Accessing Your Account

Enter the following information at Webmail:

  1. Username: Your email address without "@ucsd.edu"
  2. ACMS Server: Enter either your username and student ID (PID), or your last name and student ID into the Account Lookup tool (look for "Mail sent to that address is delivered to:")


    If you only recently submitted your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), your account might not be created yet. You can self-register for an ACMS account.
  3. Password: If you cannot log in, you may need to change your password.

Still not in? See our additional troubleshooting advice.

Verifying Your Account

Some colleges require incoming students to verify that they are the owner of the account. If your college requires email account verification, a confirmation code will be sent to your email address.